Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) template kit

Developed by Business As Usual www.businessasusual.net.au


Have your customers or regulators asked you yet for your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) or Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)?

If not - they may soon!

This MsWord and MsExcel based, pre-populated template kit is guaranteed to save you weeks - if not months - of work in implementing or improving your BCP.

The kit was developed in accordance with APRA, ISO22399, Australian Standards HB221/292/5050 and British Standard BS25999.
• Simple, affordable planning template for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
• Fill-in the gaps, and benefit from the included checklists to save you weeks of work
• Prepare your business for pandemic flu, power outages, fires, denied office access, phone/IT failures, flash flooding, supplier/staff unavailability and other threats relevant to your organisation.
• Improve reputation and customer/employee confidence
• Achieve compliance
• Even reduce insurance premiums!


Comments from one of Business As Usual’s clients who’ve implemented the template kit:

“We have had major floods multiple cyclones threaten our locations over the last 2 years. We are a law firm with approximately 150 staff in Queensland. We act for many blue-chip organisations including banks, who require BCP. Our BCP/DR template is a most useful foundation for our BCP/DR team to discuss and action in times of and leading up to the natural disasters. We are constantly ’sharpening the saw’ regarding our BCP/DR plans and have seen the cost to the many firms who did not have, action or have an adequate BCP/DR plan. We were fine and continue to firmly focus on a plan which is premised on Business as Usual’s main primaries: People/Systems-Services/Location.”   (Paul Agnew, Partner In Charge, McKAYS Solicitors)


Included in the kit

• Risks relevant to your practice
• How to manage the ‘people aspects’ of Business Continuity for your business
• Time-critical processes required to keep your business going
• Operational and financial impacts of potential disasters and disruptions
• Continuity provisions in place, and related operational procedures
• How to easily keep your plan updated, including Crisis Management procedures
• Ensuring your staff remain aware of their role
• Exercises and tests to check if the plan will actually work.

Order the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) template kit below 

(includes money back guarantee as per terms and conditions)

Option 1: BCP template kit for small to medium sized firms
75+ pages MsWord including explanatory commentary and pre-populated content
AU$597 plus GST - Kit emailed with your firm's identity (allow 48 hours from receipt of your logos)

Option 2: BCP template kit for firms with multiple departments/teams
As option 1, but added-on the department/team-specific MsExcel based continuity plan templates
AU$797 plus GST - Kit emailed with your firm's identity (allow 48 hours from receipt of your logos)

Option 3: BCP template kit plus tele-conference session to guide you in populating the plan
As option 2, but added-on a 75 minute teleconference (invite all relevant staff members/managers in your firm) with Business As Usual’s specialist BCP consultant at a mutually agreed time.
AU$997 plus GST - Kit emailed with your firm's identity (allow 48 hours from receipt of your logos)









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