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17 April 2014 - Law Industry Startup Funded with Revenue Loan

LegalVision accessed $300,000 funding through a revenue loan. The business is considering scaling up its subsidiary legal practice through franchising or licensing. Read more by clicking image below:



16 April 2014 - HWL Ebsworth to Combine with South Australia's Kelly & Co


16 April 2014 - A $50 Million Boost to Access to Litigation Justice

Litigation funder IMF (Bentham IMF Limited) is set to raise $50 million “to increase financial flexibility and for working capital purposes” the company announced.

The raising of $50 million via the issuing of Bonds has coincided with the release of the Productivity Commission’s draft report on Access to Justice which reaffirms the importance of litigation funding: “the Commission judges that third party litigation funding can provide important benefits for access to justice”.

IMF has been funding litigation for over 12 years and now operates in overseas jurisdictions. The funds raised from the Bond offer will help IMF grow in Australia and overseas.

IMF offers funding for litigation claims with a claim value of at least AUD$5 million and for arbitration claims, a claim value of at least AUD$10 million. IMF is the largest litigation funder in Australia and the first to be listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

The Bookbuild for the proposed offer of Bentham IMF Bonds has been successfully completed. The recipients of the Bonds will be Institutional Investors and clients of Syndicate Brokers. The Bonds will be listed on the ASX (expected 30 April 2014) with a maturity date of 30 June 2019 and a variable interest rate calculated at a margin of 4.2% above the Bank Bill Rate.

11 April 2014 - E-Conveyancing Q & A

In Sydney last month, 200 lawyers and conveyancers gathered at a seminar as part of their preparations for the coming e-conveyancing system. The seminar was co-hosted by GlobalX and Pexa. Topics discussed included security protocols, verification of identity, trust accounts, system functionality, pricing principles, change management and conveyancing software.
The seminar was recorded and is available for viewing here (requires entering a name and email address).


10 April 2014 - Not A Same Old Same Old Access to Justice Report


8 April 2014 - A New Study Reveals What the Law Firm of the Future Could Look Like


8 April 2014 - Government Document Verification Service to be Upgraded and Support E-Conveyancing 

It was recently announced that publicly listed technology and consulting company Oakton [ASX: OKN] signed a four year contract with the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department (AGD) to rebuild, host and manage its Document Verification Service (DVS) - which is used for real-time verification of proof-of-identity documents.

The DVS is used to verify that the documents presented by someone, in order to prove their identity, have been genuinely issued by the relevant issuing authority.

Identify verification is therefore a two-part process. One part is associating a person to documents by means of visual verification and the other part is verifying the validity of the documents used. 

The announcement by Oakton stated that “the solution will deliver to the department a secure, extensible and cost effective service that will provide the flexibility and scalability to meet the future needs of the Government and commercial stakeholders alike.”

Organisations that have so far been approved as Gateway Service Providers for the DVS are DVGL Pty Ltd; Edentiti Pty Ltd; Global Data Company; Optus Networks Pty Ltd; Veda Advantage Limited and Zip ID Pty Ltd.

Legal Practice Intelligence recently profiled ZipID here. Learn more about the DVS here.


4 April 2014 - Massively Too Many Law Students?

The AFR has published statistics about the growth in the number of law students at universities. The AFR cites a 31% growth in the number of undergraduate law students in Australia between 2001 and 2012. By 2012 there were 36,000 undergraduate law students in Australia.

A 31% increase over 11 years - is this a devastating outcome for would-be lawyers?

Between 2001 and 2012 the Australian population increased by about 18%. Therefore the population of law students increased by a “real” 13% taking into account the increase in the general population.

Statistics can even be produced to show that there is a shortage of law students. Between 2001 and 2012 Australia’s GDP increased by more than 35% and up to 40% depending on the measure used. A 31% increase in the number of law students looks like it has not kept pace with economic growth.

If you believe that there are too many undergraduate law students today then in 2001 you would have probably believed that there were too many in 2001. 

2 April 2014 - Job Vacancy Numbers for Solicitors Compared to All Occupations

The charts show three-month moving averages of the number of internet-advertised job vacancies from data compiled by The Australian Government Department of Employment. The data does not include some of the newer online outlets such as LinkedIn, legal-specific job sites or job postings that occur on firms' own websites.

It is not just vacancies for solicitors that are sinking or stagnant, though the legal industry appears to be faring worse than All Occupations. The February 2014 outcome for solicitors was -2.5% compared to February 2013, while All Occupations was up 6.1%.


31 March 2014 - Day One for Australia's Newest Large Law Firm

Thomsons Lawyers and Herbert Geer have merged to form Thomson Geer. The Statistics upon merger:

• Annual revenue $125+ million

• 80 Partners

• 250+ fee earners in addition to partners

• 500+ people including all staff

• Offices: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

• International Associations: Interlex Group as well as a working arrangement with Eversheds

• By size: in the top 15 law firms operating in Australia; in the top 10 independent Australian law firms; and in the top 35 local law firms in the Asia Pacific.

• Clients are spread across three classifications: ASX top 200; Major global corporations; ASX Mid and Small Caps/Government Enterprises/Large and Medium Private Corporations.

• The key areas of strength in the merged firm are M&A, Construction, Employment, Real Estate, Intellectual Property & Technology, Banking & Finance and Insurance.

Source: Thomson Geer and predecessor Herbert Geer


27 March 2014 - New Verification of Identity Service Literally Rolling-Out Around Australia


25 March 2014 - Conveyancing Activity in Three States Continuing Upwards

Property transfer data for December to February shows that all three eastern mainland States experienced similar increases compared to the equivalent three months of the previous year. NSW experienced an increase in property transfers of 26%, Victoria 18% and Queensland 22%. Victoria has been the volatile State while Queensland has been improving since the end of a major down-trend from 2008 to 2011.


18 March 2014 - Go To Court Extends its Lead Generation Program with Mobile Apps and Physical Legal Access Points

Go To Court has 500 lawyers in its network. “We receive more than 20,000 calls per year from people seeking legal advice and/or representation, and more than 180,000 visitors to our website per year. Around 3000 clients per year are referred to our Network lawyers,” according to Go To Court.

Read about the new apps and legal access points at Courier Mail by clicking the image below.


14 March 2014 - Bias, Inflexibility Drive Women From Law

Click above image to read more at AFR


13 March 2014 - Migration Agent Numbers Rise while Permanent Migration Remains Flat

Source: Migration Agents Registration Authority

The Permanent Migration Programme is the Government’s target for annual permanent migration. The number of places available in the Permanent Migration Programme for 2013-14 is 190,000, which remains unchanged from the 2012-13 Migration Programme. This is only 2.7% higher than in 2011/12.
In the last two years (January 2012 to January 2014) the number of registered migration agents has increased by approximately 530. This is an increase of around 12%.

In eight months (July 2013 to January 2014) the increase was 4.5% or an annual rate of increase of almost 8%.

As at the end of calendar 2013, 15% of all migration agents had been registered for less than 12 months. 42% had been registered for less than three years.

11 March 2014 - Interview with LawPath Co-Founder Damien Andreasen


10 March 2014 - Corrs to Tenant World-Class Brisbane Office


7 March 2014 - NSW Conveyancing – Buoyant or Boom?

For the current financial year to end February 2014 (8 months) there have been almost 24,000 more property transfers than during the corresponding period of the previous year. This represents an increase of 21%.

According to the RP Data-Rismark index, the value of Sydney dwellings have increased by 14.1% over the last 12 months to end February 2014. The eight capital city aggregate increase was 9.5%.

The increase in Sydney dwelling values over the three months to end February 2014 was 2.3%.

The standout months for high property transfer numbers in NSW were October 2013 and January 2014. They were 29% and 30% respectively higher than the corresponding months of the previous year.

Are these results the sign of a buoyant market or a boom? The answer is in the hands of the Reserve Bank. One or two notches up in interest rates could see property price increases and sales activity retreat to more subdued levels.


5 March 2014 - 70% of 45,000 Annual Divorce Applications Have No Legal Representation. Courts Launch YouTube Channel


1 March 2014 - Publicly Listed ILH Group Posts Half Year Loss


27 February 2014 - Shine Lawyers Exemplary Half Year Financial Results


26 February 2014 - LawPath Profiled in Fairfax Media

Website screenshot

LawPath has raised an additional $600,000 to help with Asia expansion.

Questions of divorce, separation and division of assets top the platforms' query list, with female clients the most common. Next are the myriad problems that beset small businesses which might relate to drawing up shareholder agreements, intellectual property, franchising disputes, unpaid bills and consumer complaints.

The partnership with LexisNexis provides legal documents that are available to clients and to lawyers.

Lawyers now pay subscription rates to access the legal documents and to receive new client leads.

Currently LawPath advertises: 3,784 customers serviced; 140 legal documents available and 353 lawyers available. Read more here.

24 February 2014 - Finally a Conveyancing Bounce in South Australia

If we consider data for the three months October to December, property transfers hit a post GFC high point in 2009. That coincided with the official interest rate being reduced from 7.25% in 2008 to 3% in 2009.

Following the 2009 high point in activity there was a consistent downtrend for the next two years.

By 2010 property transfers were lower by about 10%. By 2011 they were down by about 25% compared to 2009. Interest rates were on an uptrend during 2010. Although the official interest rate peaked at 4.75% at the end of 2010 and stayed flat during most of 2011, the increase knocked the life out of the market and the volume of activity continued to sink during 2011.

As the official interest rate declined during the course of 2012, property transfers started to improve, although only by a modest 6% compared to 2011 (October to December data used for comparison).

The figures recently released for October to December 2013 show the first real bounce in activity for four years. Property transfers were 17% higher than in 2012 and 19% higher than in 2011.

This level of activity is a healthy bounce. It would be wrong to characterise it as a boom since it is still almost 10% lower than the recent peak year of 2009.


20 February 2014 - Solicitor Job Advertisement Numbers and Law Grad Statistics

The Australian Financial Review (AFR) has published an analysis of the number of lawyers, law graduates and job advertisements. Its findings include:

- Each year more than 12,000 law graduates enter a job market that comprises about 60,000 solicitors
- Post-graduate law courses have gained in popularity
- There are 36 university law schools in Australia
- The number of Internet job ads for solicitors is currently at a low point and appears to have declined by almost 30% from mid 2010 to mid 2013

Click image below to read article at AFR


18 February 2014 - Harvard Masterclass Set to Deliver Lessons for Australian Law Firm Leaders

A leading Harvard Law School professor will unlock the secrets of better law firm management – focusing on strategy, culture, clients and people – at an exclusive conference in Sydney on Thursday, March 13.

Professor Ashish Nanda, widely regarded as a world expert in the management of professional service firms, will conduct the Harvard-style masterclass at the World Masters of Law Firm Management conference at the Intercontinental Hotel.

The full-day session, hosted by the Australian Law Management Group of the Law Council of Australia, will feature the revered Case Method learning approach for which Harvard is famous. The methodology involves an exciting and participant-centred learning style which draws from real-world case studies, puts participants in the shoes of managers, and helps create leaders who can adjust as required to ever-changing business climates.

Professor Nanda is the Robert Braucher professor of practice and faculty director of Harvard Law School Executive Education, and also teaches in Harvard Business School’s executive education courses. At World Masters, sponsored this year by Thomson Reuters, he will address solutions to the unique challenges facing law firms.

Topics to be covered will include:
• creating a successful culture and leadership strategy
• recruiting and cultivating outstanding lawyers
• strengthening client relationships
• managing pricing and improving profitability drivers.

Professor Nanda will provide strategies to help lawyers balance the reality of running a business during uncertain times with the demands of building long-term enterprise value. Participants will explore leadership approaches from multiple points of view and gain the skills to align capabilities with strategy and maximise organisational performance.

learn more at The World Masters of Law Firm Management website


14 February 2014 - Thomsons Lawyers Announces Merger with Herbert Geer

Adrian Temble, Chief Executive Partner of Thomsons Lawyers:

Thomsons Lawyers is delighted to announce a merger with Herbert Geer.

Under the merger the legal practise of Herbert Geer will become part of Thomsons and we will change our name to Thomson Geer.

Set to take place on 31 March 2014, the merger will take Thomsons from a 60 partner/$90m revenue law firm to a 80 partner/$120m+ revenue practise.

We will acquire fresh national class expertise in telecommunications and wealth management. In addition, we will acquire strong corporate, m&a, industrial relations, banking and real estate expertise in Melbourne that will fit well with Thomsons strong corporate and commercial offering in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Our clients will now have broader access to a superior offering around the country.

This is an excellent step forward, bringing us closer to our vision of being a leading national independent law firm.

Prior to the merger Thomsons Lawyers comprised more than 60 partners and more than 360 lawyers and staff.


13 February 2014 - GlobalX Acquires Prime Legal Services


12 February 2014 - Slater & Gordon’s Strong Half Year Results

Slater & Gordon website screenshot

Total revenue for the half year to December 2013 was A$178.3 million, up 22.3% on the previous corresponding period.  Net profit after tax increased 21.1% to A$23 million.

The company reported:

The Australian Personal Injuries practice delivered 7.0% revenue growth compared to the previous corresponding period.

The Australian Personal Legal Services practices are making solid progress with Family Law and Conveyancing set to deliver >10% full year revenue growth.

Slater & Gordon Group Managing Director Andrew Grech said “The results for the half year are very pleasing. We have been able to maintain a strong overall financial and operational performance in our Australian practice whilst accelerating our expansion into the UK market.”

Andrew Grech also said “... we will have secured approximately 5% market share in the UK claimant PI market and have built a strong base for future growth and development.”

The company’s full year 2013/14 outlook reaffirms previous guidance:

• Total group revenue A$395 million, including revenue from acquired businesses
• Group EBITDA margin of 24-25%
• Group cash from operations (as % NPAT) of >70%



12 February 2014 - Three Small Independent Law Firms and the Rewards of Cooperation


10 February 2014 - Law Firm's New TV Ad With Four Letter Words

New from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers




6 February 2014 - Chamberlains Law Firm Aims to Reinvent what Legal Practice Looks Like


4 February 2014 - WA Property Transfers Up 41% Since 2011… Plus National Outlook

For the three months October to December, Western Australia property transfers were up in 2013 by 9% compared to the equivalent months in 2012, up 41% compared to 2011 and up 34% compared to 2010.

These figures seem to indicate that factors other than the cycle of mining investment have a more important influence on sales volumes.

We have observed two reliable indicators of sales activity: the direction that property prices are moving and interest rates.

The table below (RP Data-Rismark Home Value Index) shows a negative movement in Perth home values for the month of January 2014. This will have a tempering effect on sales activity.

Sales volumes increase in a market with rising property prices. Volumes decrease when prices are falling. Sales activity is most vulnerable to interest rates. A rising interest rate causes a reduction in sales activity as it puts an immediate downward pressure on property prices.

Therefore the best indicator of current and near-term conveyancing  activity is the change in monthly and quarterly property prices, which the table below shows, is still mostly in positive territory.

Dwelling Values - RP Data-Rismark Home Value Index


1 February 2014 - The Anguish of Being a Registered Migration Agent

by Liana Allan

Nobody ever tells you how hard it is going to be when you first sign up to do the RMA course.  At first it seems like a very cool and perhaps prestigious way of earning a living.  Not only that but it seems like a living where helping others to achieve their dreams of a new life in a new country will also have an altruistic aspect to it.

Little does anyone know how hard it really is to be a registered migration agent.

Let me tell you a little bit about my suffering as an agent since 2001 so that somehow I might be able to comfort you in your time of grief.   I am not sure how to write this other than to list the various client issues, OMARA complaints and other such things I have been through. Read more at Migration Alliance


31 January 2014 - First Legal Services Provider to Accept Bitcoin


29 January 2014 - The Basic Business Elements of a Law Firm

Screenshot of video interview

Slater & Gordon (S&G) Executive Director and Head of Australia Ken Fowlie was interviewed by Financial News Network. He spoke about S&G’s business strategy. Although he was referring to his own company, many of the general principles are relevant to all law firms.

He describes four drivers of the business:

1. Clients
2. Brand
3. People and
4. Operational Effectiveness

Legal Practice Intelligence’s attempt to elaborate further:

Once a law firm decides which legal services it will offer, business success is achieved by: delivering results for clients; communicating to the marketplace about who you are, what you do and why you do it – “the brand”; attracting and motivating people in the firm and making sure that operations are efficient and aligned with business objectives. 

Watch the video of the interview here


28 January 2014 - Victoria Legal Aid Invites Public Comment on Criminal Trials


22 January 2014 - Top 20 Provider Law Firms for Victoria Legal Aid


20 January 2014 -  Legal Aid NSW Private Practice Panel Numbers Still Growing - Plus Top 20 Provider Firms


15 January 2014 - A Small Law Firm Demonstrates the Power of Marketing and Branding


11 January 2014 - Melbourne-Based Hall & Wilcox Expands to Sydney Through Acquisition


9 January 2014 - Sharp Increase in Victorian Property Sales Volumes

The above graph shows, for each year, the total number of property transfers for the three months September to November.

Property sales volumes shot up by 17.1% in 2013 compared to 2012. Over the 2013 calendar year, dwelling prices increased by 8.5% in Melbourne.

Coincidentally, the “crash” in volumes in 2008 was by exactly the same percentage as last year's increase, i.e. 17.1%.

Based on the experience of the last six years we should probably hope that 2014 continues at 2013 levels without a downward correction. That would be a good outcome after such a sharp rise.

6 January 2014 - Trends in Lawyer and Law Firm Numbers

NSW statistics show that the number of in-house corporate lawyers grew by 9.8% over the last two years.

The number of lawyers employed in government increased by 2.1% however over the last 12 months there has been almost no increase.

There has been strong growth in the number of sole practitioner firms – an increase of  9.4%. If the trend continues there will be close to 5,000 sole practitioner law firms in NSW  by the end of 2014.

By contrast the number of firms with more than five partners declined by 3.6% in NSW. Australia-wide the number of partners in firms with more than 100 partners declined by 9% over the last two years.


19 December 2013 - InfoTrack Acquires Scott Ashwood Settlement Agents and Legal Searchers


17 December 2013 - Law Council President Acknowledges Increasingly Technology-Based Legal Profession

Law Council of Australia President, Mr Michael Colbran QC has referred to the “increasingly globalised and technology based legal profession.

Legal Practice Intelligence believes this is a significant acknowledgement because it comes from the leadership of the national body. Technology is now much more than an efficiency tool. It is changing how work is done, where it is done, who does it and its cost.

The statement by Mr Colbran arose in the context of the New South Wales and Victorian Governments agreeing that there should be a unified system of lawyer regulation for the two states. 

Mr Michael Colbran QC said “On behalf of the Law Council I congratulate the New South Wales and Victorian Attorneys-General on reaching this agreement.

"I also congratulate the law societies and bar associations of New South Wales and Victoria whose support for this project has never wavered.”

"This Agreement is a significant step in the reform process and one which the Law Council is hopeful will provide the basis for other states and territories to follow.”

“This achievement and the appetite around the country for consensus in key regulatory areas gives me confidence that the Australian legal profession can position itself to grasp the opportunities and respond to the challenges of an increasingly globalised and technology based legal profession,” Mr Colbran concluded.

Read more about the new NSW and Victoria regulation


13 December 2013 - GlobalX's Expansion in Queensland and South Australia


12 December 2013 - PropertyPie Lets You Buy a Slice of Property for as Little as $2,000


11 December 2013  - E-Conveyancing Start Dates For Conveyancing Practitioners

National E-Conveyancing Development Limited (NECDL) has now finalised the delivery schedule for Release 2 of PEXA. Based on feedback from the market, a state-based approach has been adopted, minimising risk by mobilising all efforts in the one state at the one time. 

Practitioners can begin using PEXA in the month of their state launch. For example, property lawyers and conveyancers in New South Wales will have access to PEXA from September 2014.

There will be a strategic approach to the on-boarding of practitioners in each state in order to control volume and stability of PEXA in its initial phase.

Practitioners will be able to subscribe to PEXA directly or through one of our sponsors. At present, PEXA has relationships with InfoTrack, SAI Global Property, GlobalX Information and Veda.

Practitioners have the opportunity to complete the registration process up to 3 months in advance of the PEXA launch in their state. Training sessions (both classroom-style and online) will be available from one month prior to each launch date.

For example, in Victoria, practitioners will be able to complete the registration process from July 2014, attend training in September and begin using the platform from October. More information at



9 December 2013 - Fixed Fees and Lawyer Ratings Integral to RocketLegal Online Service is Australia's first online comparison service that enables clients with an immediate legal need to find experienced lawyers on a fixed-fee basis, according to the service’s founder and CEO Rameez Ullah.

Launched this year, the company explains that RocketLegal is an “online service where consumers can go ... to make an informed-decision about choosing a lawyer in any area of Law, right across Australia.”

People with personal or business legal issues access the service at no charge. Lawyers who take on work through the service agree to pay RocketLegal 15% of the value of the work that is generated from a client in the first 12 months. Because of differing lawyer regulations amongst jurisdictions, a different arrangement applies for lawyers based in Western Australia and Tasmania.

A lawyer ratings system helps clients of the service select a lawyer for their matter. As explained by RocketLegal to potential clients: “We have the utmost faith in our senior lawyers and we also have a rating system if you need further proof, from individuals like you, that your lawyer is capable of doing the job.”

Rameez Ullah informed Legal Practice Intelligence that “we are currently referring hundreds of thousands of dollars (worth of legal work) to lawyers in our network every single month, and that approximately 60% of the work is from small businesses and 40% from individuals.”

Visit Rocket Legal at


5 December 2013 - Electronic Certificates of Title in NSW

With the commencement of electronic Conveyancing in New South Wales, LPI has released a training video to help practitioners better understand arrangements to deal with certificates of title in the initial stages of implementation of National Electronic Conveyancing in NSW. The video explains:
•The alternative to the certificate of title, called optional No-CT.
•How to check if a paper certificate of title, or CT, has issued.
•What has changed with the introduction of optional No-CT for paper transactions.
•Arrangements for optional No-CT and electronic transactions.
•Safeguards supporting optional No-CT.



2 December 2013 - Slater & Gordon UK Has Now Reached Scale of Australian Business


28 November 2013 - New Cloud-Based Marketing Service for Busy Lawyers

For lawyers who would like to have their marketing done for them, Lift Legal has arrived. Lift Legal is a new cloud-based software company that is progressively releasing a range of innovative marketing products created especially for law firms. 

Lift Legal has been formed by two lawyers - Brian Hicks and Peter Heazlewood. They have been former Managing Partners of progressive law firms with both having had over 20 years in legal practice.

The company’s first product is an electronic newsletter that is sent to law firm clients and referrers. As an added bonus, Lift Legal will write the newsletter articles. It is up to the law firm to choose this option.

After the newsletter is sent, the software enables the law firm to review who has opened the emails, how many times the email was opened, how many clicks each email has had, and provides a “call list” for the law firm, showing the most interested clients.

This information enables the law firm to make contact with those identified clients who are most interested in a particular article or topic. No longer do law firms have to wait for work to come in. The software enables the firm to be proactive and stimulate demand.

Law firms are also using the software to send out Christmas cards electronically to clients and referrers. For readers of Legal Practice Intelligence, you can take up an early bird offer if you register your interest before Friday 6th December at: 


26 November 2013 - New Online Community For The Professional Services

Find out more


22 November 2013 - NSW Conveyancing – Is the Upturn Sustainable?

For NSW: The month of October 2013 had the highest number of property transfers compared to any October since 2007.

The number of property transfers in October 2013 was 22% higher than October 2012.

How many other markets in the economy grew in size by 22% over the past year? Which markets for legal work have grown by 22%? We don’t know the answers to these questions but clearly conveyancing is a lot more attractive than it has been over the last few years.

October 2013 was 37% higher than October 2011 (the bottom) but still 4% lower than October 2007 (the peak).

In round numbers conveyancing activity is 20% higher in NSW than it was in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Our prediction is that while property prices do not decline, sales volumes will continue at current levels or better. People like to buy in a market when prices are rising and people like to sell in a market when prices are rising. Whatever the reason, as long as prices do not go into reverse, the current level of sales activity looks to be sustainable.

20 November 2013 - Marriage Creates Justice Connect


18 November 2013 - LAWYAL Solicitors - Starting A New Law Firm From The Cloud Up

Read article


14 November 2013 - An Estimate of The Size of The Family Law Market

As part of the recent company AGM, Managing Director of Slater & Gordon, Andrew Grech, provided a summary of the company's recent  activities and plans. The estimate of the size of the family law market in Australia is stated as "at least A$400 million" (below from 1:56). 


12 November 2013 - Tindall Gask Bentley Has Opened a Full Service Office in Perth

Tindall Gask Bentley is known as South Australia's largest plaintiff law firm with over 100 staff with 50 lawyers. Click image below to read about its expansion into Western Australia.

website screenshot


12 November 2013 - Current Conveyancing Activity Compared to Last Year

For at least two years we have been keeping an eye out for an upturn in property sales activity across Australia.

In the first quarter of this calendar year, Western Australia and South Australia started to show a positive trend. In the middle of the year Queensland was up strongly. During winter NSW and Victoria started to improve.

In August 2013 the Reserve Bank reduced the benchmark interest rate from 2.75% to 2.5%. Combined with other factors this has had the following impact:

Increase in the volume of property transfers compared to last year:

NSW 23%, Victoria 38%, Queensland 8%, Western Australia 11%, South Australia 33%.

(NSW, Victoria – September 2013 compared to September 2012; Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia – September and October 2013 combined compared to equivalent months of 2012)

Increase in capital city dwelling values - from October 2012 to October 2013 (Source RPData):

Sydney 11.6%, Melbourne 7.8%, Brisbane 3.4%, Perth  6.9%, Adelaide 1.9%


6 November 2013 - Insurance Team of 23 Moves from DLA Piper to HWL Ebsworth

From official announcement:

Leading independent Australian law firm HWL Ebsworth Lawyers has announced that Jenne Tzavaras, Joanna Apostolopoulos and Ivan Medak have been appointed as partners within its Sydney Insurance team.

Jenne, Joanna and Ivan are joined by twenty other team members in moving from DLA Piper to HWL Ebsworth.

This newly recruited team offers specific expertise in statutory workers compensation insurance across the full range of employer indemnity schemes operating in New South Wales.

In a joint statement, the new partners said "We are delighted to be joining a firm that is so closely aligned culturally and strategically with our insurance practice. Our mutual success has been built on a service offering that delivers commercially and technically outstanding legal advice and unsurpassed value for money. Moving to HWL Ebsworth enables us to continue to service our clients in this way".

Following these appointments, HWL Ebsworth offers domestic and global clients a national team of 35 partners and supporting teams specialising in insurance related matters.

"This is a significant investment for our firm and one that will allow us to continue to broaden the range of services provided to our insurance and non-insurance clients" said Juan Martinez, HWL Ebsworth's Managing Partner. "This is a rare opportunity to secure the services of one of Australia's premier specialist insurance teams and we are delighted to welcome Jenne, Joanna, Ivan and the broader team to HWL Ebsworth".

"The name HWL Ebsworth has been inextricably linked to the insurance sector for its entire history. While much of the firm's recent growth has been in sectors such as Banking & Finance, Property, Building & Construction, Planning & Environment, Litigation and Commercial, we refuse to be complacent and we are continuously looking for quality opportunities to broaden our offering in each of our core service areas" added Juan.


6 November 2013 - LawPath Introduces Cost Effective Legal Document Creation Service For SMEs

From official announcement:

LawPath, Australia’s largest and fastest growing legal platform, has launched a fast, easy and cost-effective downloadable legal template service for SMEs.

At launch, LawPath will offer 11 of the more commonly sought legal agreements, contracts and policies such as employment contracts and shareholder agreements, available for purchase in template form with the option of a review by an Australian specialist lawyer if required.

The 11 templates, priced between $39.95 and $149.95, are purchased and customised by the user online and downloaded from the LawPath website, with a cost saving to small businesses potentially in the thousands of dollars.

LawPath co-founder and CEO Paul Lupson said the current templates were the first of more than 50 they will offer by early next year.

“LawPath connects people and businesses that are in need of legal assistance, and sometimes that need is only for a legally sound document into which they can add their details and requirements without the need to actually engage a lawyer directly,” Mr Lupson said.

“The solution allows the customer to purchase and complete the document by themselves, or if required go a step further and have a lawyer review it for them to ensure it’s correctly completed. Even with a review, the cost savings to small business are likely to be in the thousands of dollars,” he said.

LawPath launched earlier this year, and the initial templates reflect the most commonly asked questions the platform has been facilitating.


4 November 2013 - New Pictures of Corrs 8 Chifley Office Fitout


1 November 2013 - New Portal Simplifies Search for CPD/CLE is a one-stop portal where you can find continuing education from a range of providers. There are courses in a variety of formats including seminar attendance and online video.

With Bulletpoints you no longer need to search through brochures or multiple provider websites.

The founders of Bulletpoints are Jason Elias and Jonathan Seifman. Jason is also the Director of Elias Recruitment.

Prior to co-founding Bulletpoints, Jonathan was CCH’s Director of Books, Education and Mobile Content for Australia & NZ.

Having both worked in the legal services industry for a number of years, Jason and Jonathan saw how many brochures for CPD events ended up either in lawyers’ bins or in a massive pile in a folder that gathered dust. They believed there had to be an easier way and Bulletpoints was born.

Bookings for courses can be done directly through the Bulletpoints website. You can also track your points through a personalised CPD Tracker.

Once you have selected your preferences you will receive customised email alerts on legal topics of interest.

Visit Bulletpoints at


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