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11 February 2016 - BarBooks, Barristers and their Macs


11 February 2016 - Maddocks has launched a new electronic exchange platform for development contracts


9 February 2016 - Hall & Wilcox Implements Nikec Binder and Nikec Docstore to Improve Efficiency with Legal Document Bibles and Audits

Hall & Wilcox is a firm of more than 400 people including 62 partners with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Perth and Canberra. The firm acts nationally for Australian-based clients and multinational clients with Australian interests.

Priding themselves on delivering "smarter law", Hall & Wilcox has been using Nikec Binder to enhance its less-paper initiatives.
recent surprise audit in their insurance section was a perfect example of how Binder speeds up the process of using electronic documents and saves time.

Instead of spending hours finding, printing out and binding the documents into a paper file needed for an audit, Hall & Wilcox staff can create an electronic Binder straight out of iManage in minutes allowing the auditors to flick through these documents within the Binder on a Surface Pro as easy as if it was in a physical binder.

Having the ability to search quickly anywhere within the digital Binder gives it the edge over the paper file.

Hall & Wilcox also recently implemented Nikec Docstore, a secure file sharing and collaboration platform. Docstore allows Hall & Wilcox to easily share Binders with clients and counsel, whilst being in control of where their data resides and maintain security throughout.

8 February 2016 - Does This Search Belong to Your Matter?


3 February 2016 - SAI Global Has Become an Integration Partner with Thomson Reuters Elite

SAI Global’s Property Division Helps Thomson Reuters Elite Clients Mitigate Risk and Optimize Performance through New Partnership ... More


2 February 2016 - Legal IT Company HighQ Receives US$50m Investment


1 February 2016 - Thomson Reuters and GlobalX Legal Solutions Announce Integration Partnership


29 January 2016 - DocsCorp and Microsoft Collaborate to Deliver New DocsCorp Cloud

DocsCorp, a global leader in integrated document workflow solutions and technologies, has announced plans to deliver a new, cloud-based capability that will be called DocsCorp Cloud. In addition, DocsCorp will publish new Add-Ins that will extend the functionality of cleanDocs and compareDocs within Office 365.

The new solutions will be hosted on public cloud platform Microsoft Azure. The DocsCorp Cloud-based versions of cleanDocs and compareDocs will not replace desktop editions of these products, but will provide clients with additional options and a greater degree of flexibility in accessing DocsCorp technologies from devices such as Surface Pro, iPad, Mac, and web browsers. DocsCorp will continue to develop and enhance its suite of Windows-based desktop products, including contentCrawler and pdfDocs in addition to cleanDocs and compareDocs. The company is also in discussions with key partners in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management System (DMS) space about integrating their software with the DocsCorp Cloud.
Dean Sappey, DocsCorp President and Co-founder remarked, "The Microsoft Azure environment presents clients with an entirely new and innovative way in which they can access our software to do their work – one that is not tied to the desktop, but rather can be accessed from any device, anytime, anywhere for greater flexibility. 
“With these exciting new cloud-based offerings, we anticipate significant growth in our client base as more and more businesses move to a cloud only environment and seek cloud-based solutions such as DocsCorp Cloud.  This will help us surpass the 50 percent annual growth we saw this past year across North America, Europe and APAC operations."
Steven Miller, Director Applications and Services at Microsoft Australia said, “We’re excited to facilitate DocsCorp’s move to the cloud. We believe their ability to deliver their software and increased integration via Azure will increase productivity for our Office 365 users and for DocsCorp clients as well.”

29 January 2016 - One-stop-shop revolutionises Contracts for Sale


28 January 2016 - How to Verify an Identity Using IDfy


27 January 2016 - How Your Personal Computer Will Eventually Become Your Smartphone

20 January 2016 - Top Selling Personal Computer Brands


13 January 2016 - The Legal Tech Opportunities Set to Benefit Firms in 2016


12 January 2016 - InfoTrack Seeks ASX Listing


8 January 2016 - Peppermint Technology Flags Entry into Australian Legal Market

Peppermint Technology burst out of the gates only a few years ago and has been making an impact on the UK Legal IT scene. The platform was selected by renowned innovator Riverview Law. Based in the UK, Peppermint currently has more than 5,000 users across 30 legal and dispute management firms.

Peppermint Technology offers practice management and document management functionality utilising the Microsoft Dynamics and Sharepoint platforms. While not designed for the smallest law firms, the company has a version called  PeppDirect which provides “the same modern, client centric, functionality as the multi-award winning Peppermint Legal Service Platform with tailored templates and workflows to get firms started straight away,” as described by the company.

Last month Peppermint Technology raised venture capital funding of over £10 million (around A$20m) to accelerate its growth and develop its technology into a multi-currency and multi-jurisdictional platform.

Peppermint Technology founder and CEO, Arlene Adams told Insider the US is at the top of Peppermint's hit list when it comes to branching out.

"However, there are some more markets that are easier to move into such as Australia and Canada, as they follow English law,” she said.


6 January 2016 - A Cloud Practice Management System Using Only Microsoft Software


21 December 2015 - What is Business Intelligence and What is Aderant Doing About it?


14 December 2015 - Should Your Firm Switch to a Private Cloud?


9 December 2015 - Five Tips for a Successful Client Verification of Identity (VOI)


2 December 2015 - DocsCorp Announces contentCrawler Integration with NetDocuments

New contentCrawler integration with NetDocuments ensures documents are fully searchable, accessible and optimized for downloading and emailing.

DocsCorp has announced that contentCrawler, its integrated analysis, processing and reporting framework, now integrates with NetDocuments, a cloud-based document and email management system.

Administrators will now be able to automate OCR and/or Compression services across all NetDocuments cabinets to convert image-based documents into text-searchable PDFs and to reduce the file size of large documents for faster downloading and emailing.

Commenting on the integration, Travis Reed, Technology Partnership Program Director at NetDocuments, said: “DocsCorp’s leading technology combined with NetDocuments’ core document and email management service, extends the DMS functionality and enhances the usability, productivity, and information governance, creating a more comprehensive and integrated solution.”

Dean Sappey, DocsCorp President and Co-founder, also commented: "We are delighted to announce our first true cloud integration. NetDocuments customers will now be able to take advantage of our automated processing capability to ensure that every document in every cabinet is 100% searchable and therefore accessible from any device. The next 12 months will see more exciting announcements from DocsCorp as contentCrawler moves further into the cloud to provide our NetDocuments customers with more options."

Learn more here


26 November 2015 - Typist Never Took a Day Off in 23 Years Yet Faster and Friendlier Than Ever

23 years ago, barrister Mark Robinson started with a slow and unfriendly typist. Today the situation has turned around completely - faster, friendly and more accurate than ever, and never took a day off work over all these years.

Read more here [PDF]


24 November 2015 - First PEXA Integration with Practice Management Software


19 November 2015 - Integrating SMS into Document Management - LEAP Software New Features





16 November 2015 - The Technology Tools That Give Two Leading State-Based Law Firms a Productivity Edge

The JRT Partnership: Location  - Melbourne; Seven senior lawyers plus additional legal and support staff.

Practitioners who once had a dedicated PA are now sending out client letters efficiently without the intervention of an assistant. 

Click image to learn more [PDF]


Mullins Lawyers: Location - Brisbane; 95 staff including 17 partners.

One minute of recorded dictation used to take 3.5 minutes to type. It now takes around 1.1 minutes.

 Click image to learn more [PDF]



13 November 2015 - NuLegal to offer Everlaw eDiscovery Software in Australia and New Zealand


12 November 2015 - First Trust Accounting Software to be Certified Under New Uniform Rules


9 November 2015 - VEDA Launches Data Visualisation for Combined PPSR and ASIC Searches


9 November 2015 - Thoughts on Tomorrow's Law Firm: Digital, Divergent, Differentiated

More than 300 delegates recently gathered on the Gold Coast to learn about new ways technology is improving the legal services industry.

The Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA) Summit gave legal professionals from a range of sectors a chance to learn about developments in digital services and learn how these changes would revolutionise the industry.

GlobalX Legal Solutions CEO Peter Maloney said the huge turnout demonstrated the industry was enthusiastic about available new technologies and ready to embrace digital change.

“Technology has slowly infiltrated all areas of our lives, so it comes as no surprise that lawyers are looking for ways to increase productivity and efficiency through streamlined online solutions,” he said.

Open Practice Mobile is soon to be released and GlobalX recently announced an integration for Open Practice with Worldox Software.



6 November 2015 - Aussie Software Used By Major UK Firm for Document Management Solution


4 November 2015 - Mobile First, Cloud First, Profit First



28 October 2015 - Artificial Intelligence Expert System App for VOI Compliance


21 October 2015 - Trust Accounting Changes Under Uniform Rules

The Uniform Rules came into effect in July 2015 for NSW and Victoria. In the videos below, the changes are highlighted from the previous regulations that applied in Victoria. The new rules described in the video apply also to NSW. View the Uniform Rules for trust accounting here. The rule for sending trust receipts - Rule 36. The rules for transferring to the office bank account - Rule 42.    




19 October 2015 - The New Android Phone with Blackberry Apps and a Physical Keyboard 


14 October 2015 - Microsoft OneDrive for Business Improvements


9 October 2015 - Roper Technologies Acquires Aderant



9 October 2015 - Wise Owl Legal - A New Practice Management System For Law Firms

7 October 2015 - Gilbert + Tobin Becomes First Australian Adopter of Thomson Reuters Business Development Premier Solution


6 October 2015 - A Frustrated User Declares Sunset for Office 365


2 October 2015 - Thomson Reuters Acquires Document Automation Tech Company Business Integrity

Business Integrity has announced that it is now part of Thomson Reuters: "Business Integrity will be part of the Legal business of Thomson Reuters which offers industry leading solutions, tools and information that integrate content, expertise and technology. Key brands include Westlaw, Practical Law and Serengeti."

Business Integrity's key product is the document automation tool ContractExpress.

"It is essential that lawyers are able to create and update automated templates without the help of the IT department or other external resources.

"The ContractExpress authoring tool delivers fast and easy template automation for even the most sophisticated documents right inside Microsoft Word, without the complexity inherent in traditional document assembly tools. The template authoring process involves surrounding optional text with brackets and can be likened to marking up a document with a red pen. Finished templates can go live to end users with just one click," from:



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