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30 June 2015 - LexisNexis Wins Vanuatu Supreme Court Tender


25 June 2015 - How safe is it to use an agent for Verification of Identity obligations?


23 June 2015 - Henry Davis York Automates Business Processes with Intapp Flow


22 June 2015 - Electronic Discovery: Great Disparity in Knowledge Levels Amongst Lawyers

“Electronic discovery has been evolving quickly, but there is still a great disparity in knowledge levels between lawyers,” said LDM Global CEO and Founder Chris O’Reilly.

LDM Global offers two main review platforms in its Australia data centre and considers itself technology agnostic, simply choosing the technology that works best for individual clients and their specific case needs.

“We have a review tool that many Australian law firms will be familiar with,” O’Reilly said. “But we also have a tool that is very popular in the United States and the United Kingdom. It offers true end-to-end eDiscovery capabilities and allows flexible, simple and fixed pricing.

“Historically our industry has seen problems with efficiencies in moving data between tools, and this eliminates that need,” O’Reilly said. “Our goal is to simplify the whole process. With our current technology, we can help law firms and corporations gain business efficiencies, save costs and find their important documents more quickly.”

Doing his part to narrow the disparity in knowledge levels amongst lawyers, Chris O’Reilly is offering to meet with solicitors at their law firms. “I hope to help them understand how eDiscovery services can offer a true competitive advantage. I’ll also be able to answer questions from anyone who may be unfamiliar with eDiscovery technology ... or is interested in some of the tools we use," said Chris O’Reilly. Mr O'Reilly can be contacted via this link.


22 June 2015 - Barristers are All Talk and All Action



17 June 2015 - What is it Like to Use Dragon (Legal Edition) for the First Time?


15 June 2015 - Rachel-Leanne Williams is on a Mission to Convert you to the Cloud


9 June 2015 - New Version of LEAP


5 June 2015 - Reality TV - Technology Makeover


2 June 2015 - Cloud Storage, Electronic Evidence and Metadata


Metadata matters - download white paper courtesy of Workshare 


1 June 2015 - Innovative Legal Tool Developed to Assist in a Workplace Crisis


1 June 2015 - Why Do Law Firms Underutilise Their Practice Management Software?



29 May 2015 - Be Recognised for Innovation in Legal Practice Management


28 May 2015 - The Best Budget Priced Android Smartphone

The video below discusses prices in North America in $US but even in Australia you can buy three to four ASUS Zenfone 2s for the price of an iPhone 6 or top end Galaxy.



26 May 2015 - 20 Years of Revolutionising Justice


20 May 2015 - ASIC and PPSR Results from a Single Search on a Single Report


19 May 2015 - Fulfil Your Verification of Identity Obligations Using a New Online Service


15 May 2015 - Texas Trial Lawyer, Computer Forensic Examiner to Give Keynote at e-Discovery Summit


14 May 2015 - Real Estate Agents Who Love Conveyancers

Conveyance Genius is a new software app used by conveyancers to keep clients and other parties up to date during a conveyancing matter. 

Included in the video below is an important reminder about why a conveyancer will be loved by real estate agents simply by keeping them in the loop. That love has to turn into more referrals.

The pricing for the app will be released soon. Legal Practice Intelligence understands that the price is likely to be under $10 per conveyance.

Until the official pricing is released, you can send an email with "innovation" in the subject line to and Conveyance Genius will be provided to you free for 60 days.




12 May 2015 - A New Consultant Joins Lexis® InterAction® CRM System From Kennedys Law Firm

Tennille Roache has joined LexisNexis from international litigation law firm Kennedys to advise and consult clients on the use of Lexis® InterAction®.

Based in Australia, Roache will engage with the company’s InterAction customers across APAC to help them fully embrace the CRM discipline and maximise the value of InterAction to their organisations.

The Lexis Client Advising Services is a free-of-charge offering to customers to enable them to derive maximum business benefit from their investment with LexisNexis. 
“The introduction of our Client Advising Services in APAC is a direct response to the needs of our customers,” commented Guy Phillips, Sales Director at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions.

“Tennille’s credentials are perfect for the role of Client Advisor. She has extensive consulting experience in law firms where she has driven the adoption of CRM systems and optimised their use for tangible business gain. We are delighted to have her on board, our customers will benefit greatly from her expertise.”

Video from 2014, when Tennille Roache was with Kennedys


12 May 2015 - GlobalX Opens Adelaide Office and Adds South Australian Team


7 May 2015 - Nuance Power PDF Helps Hall & Wilcox Become Paperless

While in the process of moving offices, Australian legal firm, Hall & Wilcox Lawyers, decided to seize the opportunity and set their firm on the path to becoming paperless. The mid-sized, commercial law firm was keen to cull the volume of paper it had amassed over the years and implement digital capability where possible to reduce future paper volumes.

Read more



5 May 2015 - A New Cloud Practice Management System Arrives in Australia

Thomson Reuters is launching cloud practice management system Firm Central for solo and small law firms. It was launched in North America around two years ago and the Australian version is coming soon.

Key features include:

• Integration with legal research, workflow and precedents
• Matter and Document organisation
• Find matter and documents and even text in documents with its global search functionality
• Calendar, including integration with Outlook
• Mobility - use on tablets and smartphones
• Security and backups

Find out more about Firm Central by attending its Sydney launch via this link or visit the website by clicking the image below.


30 April 2015 - LG G4 Smartphone Launched Plus Telstra Reduces Mobile Extra-Data Prices

The just-released LG G4 is set to put a dent into Samsung's giant market share. Unlike the new Samsung Galaxy S6 which adds new features but takes others away, the LG G4 is all about giving.


Telstra's extra mobile data prices have been three times the cost of rival Optus: 3c per extra megabyte versus 1c. It took some time but finally a critical mass of people must have realised that they could save a lot of money and worry by ditching Telstra Mobile. To avoid losing millions of its mobile customers, Telstra has cut its extra data prices by two-thirds. Extra data is the mobile data used in excess of your plan.



28 April 2015 - App Turns Entire Conveyancing Process Into a Visual Timeline


27 April 2015 - The Interconnectedness of Businesses - Visually Presented


27 April 2015 - Alternatives to Expensive Disposable Samsung Phones


21 April 2015 - The Smartphone as a Scanning Device 

You are probably a sceptic about what this app can do but the technology seems to have advanced. 




20 April 2015 - cabenet Practice Management System Introduces Text Message Manager


13 April 2015 - Samsung Galaxy S6: From The Anti-iPhone to The iPhone-Clone


9 April 2015 - Lexis Advance - What Can We Expect From The New Platform?


1 April 2015 - The New Microsoft Surface

So far the Surface range of computers hasn't converted mainstream laptop users to give up their laptops and it hasn't converted iPad and Android tablet users to give up their tablets. Why would you when you can buy a good laptop plus an inexpensive tablet for less than the cost of a Microsoft Surface Pro?

In its latest round of trying to convince us to give up our tablets and laptops for a Surface, Microsoft has launched a new cheaper, more "Windowsy" device known as Surface 3.






26 March 2015 - InfoTrack Adds Visual Representation to Search Results


24 March 2015 - A Fixed Fee Law Firm Cannot Afford Inefficiencies


23 March 2015 - A Miniature Physical Keyboard for a Smartphone and Tablet


 More at


20 March 2015 - East Coast Conveyancing Speaks About its Experiences with InfoTrack




16 March 2015 - Aderant Extends MatterWorks™ to Support Elite Enterprise Clients


13 March 2015 - Nikec Solutions Launches Nikec Hub


11 March 2015 - eConveyancing - Implications for Legal Practice - The View of a Leading Practitioner: CLE Opportunity



4 March 2015 - ILTA Survey Names Nuance the Leader in Document Scanning, Print Management, Cost Recovery and Speech Recognition Solutions for the Legal Community



27 February 2015 - 3E Client Base Continues to Expand with Greatest Annual Market Adoption to Date

Thomson Reuters Elite, part of the Legal business of Thomson Reuters, has announced that the market adoption of 3E reached an all-time high in 2014, with 37 firms deciding to implement the industry-leading solution. The trend of firms transitioning from Elite’s legacy Enterprise system to 3E has also continued in 2014, with more than twice as many Enterprise firms moving to 3E than in 2013 and more than triple those in 2012. 3E is an integral component of Elite’s enterprise business management solution, a cutting edge platform that optimizes operational performance across the business.

“The upward momentum of 3E is significantly rising each year as its end-to-end, scalable technology continues to help firms of all sizes successfully lay the core foundation for their long-term success,” said Eric Ruud, Managing Director at Elite. “Because our new best practices approach to implementation delivers a lower cost, lower risk deployment with shorter time to live operation, we have been able to accommodate a broader scale of firm sizes and change the way they do business with the most innovative financial and practice management solution available.”

Elite continues to enhance the features and functionality within 3E to further increase clients’ returns on investment. The latest version 3E 2.7.3 delivers significantly improved performance, semi-automated system balancing, broader financial transaction management capabilities, a series of new persona based dashboards and over 100 additional enhancements aimed at improving operational efficiency.

3E offers powerful core financial and practice management features and built-in application development capabilities – all seamlessly integrated into one high-performance system. Designed from the ground up on Microsoft.NET, 3E provides an integrated development environment that enables firms to become more agile in responding to client needs. A full suite of capabilities is delivered through a consistent Web-based user experience that allows staff to easily track and manage activity on a multi-office, global scale. Visit 3E for more information.

27 February 2015 - BigHand Announces the unveiling of BigHand Office in Asia Pacific


26 February 2015 - Shred-X becomes nationally certified in Australia


24 February 2015 - LexisNexis Launches Lexis Advance Research Platform


24 February 2015 - Cooper Grace Ward Switches Digital Dictation Solution


23 February 2015 - Allens Chooses HighQ for Client Extranets


18 February 2015 - LDM Global Enters Australian Market with Predictable Pricing and End-to-End eDiscovery

LDM Global has announced a new eDiscovery pricing model that is simplified and predictable with fixed fees across the board, for cases of any size. As a leading international provider of legal discovery management, LDM Global has observed that the legal counsel and courts are frustrated with unpredictable ballooning eDiscovery budgets and the complex pricing structure that plagues the litigation support industry.

“We have been listening to our clients, and they are crying out for predictability in their annual eDiscovery budgets. They are tired of being chipped away at by vendors with per GB, per doc, per hour, per license fees and any other creative price unit you can think up. The current industry price model is just too complex,” said LDM Global CEO and Founder Chris O’Reilly.

LDM Global clients now have the opportunity to elect this new fixed, predictable pricing plan at the same or improved price point as the standard, line-item pricing, but without the risk of unforeseen cost growth.  This new pricing model is available for clients and projects of all sizes and is fully scalable to meet each unique case need. 

Additionally, LDM Global’s recent opening of a new Sydney data centre means that clients can now experience a true end-to-end eDiscovery tool with data hosting capabilities in Australia.

“We have heard from numerous litigators who are tired of tools that don’t offer true end-to-end capabilities. Historically our industry has seen problems with efficiencies in moving data between tools,” O’Reilly says. “Our goal is to simplify the whole process. With our current technology and gains in business efficiencies, we are now able to offer a true end-to-end tool that has the ability to do just that.”

About LDM Global: LDM Global ( specializes in eDiscovery/eDisclosure projects worldwide. Legal firms, corporations, and government agencies benefit from its in-depth industry expertise and innovative end-to-end strategies. LDM Global has three data centres, one each in London, Sydney and Denver.



16 February 2015 - Your Next Client May be a Liar and a Cheat


VOI Masterclass series: 1 - What to do before you see your client from ZipID TV on Vimeo.


11 February 2015 - Demand for Open Practice Version 8 Continues



9 February 2015 - Kylie Maxwell Solicitors Integrates SILQ with InfoTrack



9 February 2015 - For WMD Law, Digital Dictation Overcomes Tyranny of Distance


5 February 2015 - Record Holdings, owner of Auscript and For The Record, gets investment from Tyler Technologies valuing Brisbane firm at $100m

Read more at Courier Mail by clicking image below



4 February 2015 - A Top 10 Australian Law Firm Selects NetDocuments

NetDocuments to open Australian datacenter infrastructure and offices. Read more


4 February 2015 - LexisNexis Promotions Recognise Top Female Talent

LexisNexis Pacific has announced the promotion of two of its senior leaders with the appointments of Joanne Beckett to the role of General Manager of Australia and Rachel Travers to Managing Director of New Zealand.
Replacing Marc Peter, the former COO of LexisNexis Pacific who has relocated to LexisNexis UK as Director of Sales and Marketing, Joanne and Rachel have also promoted a number of internal staff to new in-market leadership roles designed to drive local growth through delivering next generation productivity, collaboration, workflow and analytics solutions.
Previously Executive Director Content Solutions at LexisNexis, Joanne joined the company in 2006 after running her own legal practice. She has held senior roles across the practical content, publishing management, product development and content solutions businesses where she has been responsible for setting and driving the commercial success of those business lines. A former practising solicitor, Joanne holds a Diploma in Law from the University of Sydney.
As Executive Director of New Zealand, Rachel Travers drove the development of strategic new content across all LexisNexis Pacific markets, and prior to that, as NZ Head of Content and Product Development, was responsible for growth and strategy of the research, professional development and magazines businesses. Rachel joined LexisNexis from CCH New Zealand in 2010 where she held the role of Product Development Manager. Rachel holds a BA LLB (Law) from Victoria University of Wellington.
“As an organisation our goal is to promote from within, whenever possible. We are delighted with the appointments of Jo and Rachel,” said TJ Viljoen, CEO LexisNexis Asia Pacific. “Both have made a huge contribution to our organisation and are best suited to guide LexisNexis Australia and New Zealand to best in class customer centric organisations.”


3 February 2015 - Moving IT Infrastructure to the Cloud Proved a Challenge for Digital Dictation


27 January 2015 - Arnold Block Leibler Selects Aderant

Aderant has announced that one of Australia’s premier law firms, Arnold Bloch Leibler (ABL), selected Aderant Expert as its new practice management system following a thorough review of the market and a detailed evaluation process. Taking advantage of their trusted relationship with Aderant and its proven expertise in legal software and law firm management, dedication to client service and thriving user community, ABL will also be implementing Expert MatterWorksTM, Paperless Billings, Collections and Workflow.

With approximately 125 fee-earners, ABL enjoys long-standing relationships with many of Australia’s leading corporations and private family groups, managing a wide variety of significant and complex matters on behalf of their clients. Many of the firm’s matters are long-running and as such, managing the matter lifecycle is a priority. The Aderant Expert MatterWorks application was a key component of the reason why ABL chose this solution.

ABL stated that another factor in the selection of the Aderant Expert solution was the robustness of the solution and how much functionality exists ‘out-of-the-box’ compared to other alternatives which requires a greater level of customization as standard.

David Leong, CIO of Arnold Bloch Leibler, is looking forward to their migration to Expert, scheduled to start in early 2015. “In an age where innovation is led by technology,” he commented, “we need a solution that will keep up with client demands and continuous process improvement. The functionality Aderant Expert offers helps us to be more efficient and will enable better business decisions.”

Darren Roberts, Director of Professional Services for the Australasian region at Aderant, commented that “The legal industry is moving so fast and firms are using technology to innovate.” Roberts continued, “Many firms operate legacy systems and we want to make sure migration to our Expert solution is as easy and fast as possible.. We know change is hard. But we also know that change is good and the right solution can make a dramatic impact on a firm’s profitability and success.”


23 January 2015 - See How GlobalX Searching is Integrated in CATS Practice Management System



22 January 2015 - FilePro Goes Mobile with RedView Integration



19 January 2015 - The Test Results Are In - Typing v Dictating

click image below for full article


14 January 2015 - The Legal System's Public Servants as Innovators and Disruptors


8 January 2015 - New Legal Transcription Smartphone App by LPO Ezy


7 January 2015 - NetDocuments Acquires Decisiv Email Technology and Team from Recommind


6 January 2015 - LEAP Legal Software Reports Record Year




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