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27 May 2016 - Six Tactics to Protect Your Firm From Malicious Email Attacks


25 May 2016 - BigHand and Nikec Partnership for Asia Expansion

BigHand and Nikec Solutions Asia have established a relationship to support joint growth and deliver advanced voice, delegate and produce workflow technology to the Asian market.

“BigHand is pleased to announce another key partnership with channel partner Nikec Solutions in Hong Kong, China,” Tony Bleasdale, BigHand Managing Director for APAC announced this week.

“Nikec Solutions Asia have a fast growing client base, with a local support network focusing on making a BIG difference to its clients in Hong Kong and China.”

BigHand and Nikec Solutions Asia are responding to demand across Asia, specifically from legal and professional service firms, for solutions such as digital dictation and speech Recognition, as well as workflow, metadata management and document production technologies. With the latest partnership, clients in the region will be able to benefit from BigHand’s technology with greater local support.

Regarding the new partnership, Nicholas Child, MD of Nikec Solutions said, “The partnership with BigHand is a key part of Nikec Solutions global development, and in continuing to be the legal supplier of software to Hong Kong and Asia law firms. We pride ourselves in providing legal and professional services with key tools and support to keep up with the evolving market, and this partnership will benefit that.”

In addition to BigHand’s core voice productivity solutions, Nikec will offer BigHand’s workflow and document production tools, BigHand Now and BigHand Produce following demand from the legal and accounting markets in Hong Kong.


19 May 2016 - What Could be Wrong with Task Management Software in Law Firms?


19 May 2016 - Amicus Attorney Becomes Part of Abacus Data Systems



19 May 2016 - Launch of CompareDocs Cloud

DocsCorp (, has announced the launch of compareDocs cloud, a new web-hosted version of its document comparison software. Running on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, compareDocs through Office 365 enables users to compare Word to Word and Word to PDF documents on a PC desktop, Surface Pro or iPad, all via the cloud.

Running as an Office Add-in, compareDocs is easy to deploy from an IT perspective since nothing has to be installed on local machines – it all runs in the cloud. The service can be made available to users instantly and on all devices running Office 365. compareDocs cloud is available as an Office Add-in for Word Online, Word for iPad and Word 2013 Service Pack 1 or later.

compareDocs cloud uses the same comparison engine as the compareDocs desktop version, but there will be some differences in functionality. Specifically, DocsCorp will soon be announcing compare ‘image’ PDF documents capability using built-in OCR technology. Customers may choose to run both desktop and cloud versions interchangeably to allow universal access to compareDocs from anywhere at any time.

compareDocs cloud is available from the Office Add-in Store, try it now

16 May 2016 - Data Conversions Have Become A Core Process for LEAP Software Implementations (video)



9 May 2016 - Why Do We Still Call It Document Management?


6 May 2016 - There are Now Three National VOI Providers

New rules are now in place for verifying the identity of buyers and sellers – similar to the checks banks undertake – which applies to new electronic property transactions as well as traditional paper-based settlements.

Mike Cameron, Property Exchange Australia’s (PEXA) Group Executive Operations, said adherence to the strengthened rules would be further bolstered with a third company, IDSecure, now also verifying the identity of property buyers and sellers on behalf of lawyers and conveyancers.

“With more than 2,000 lawyers and conveyancers now signed up to PEXA to transact property online, a growing number will look to agents who specialise in verifying their clients’ identities,” he said. “National verification of identity provider, IDSecure, brings the property, mortgage lending and banking sectors a third service offering in addition to Australia Post and ZipID.”

IDSecure Agents witness documents and client authorisations at face-to-face interviews. This gives comfort that people transacting are who they say they are. IDSecure Managing Director Mark Paholski said e-conveyancing is the ultimate game changer for the industry bringing practitioners more value through digital transactions.

“IDSecure is pleased to be part of the inevitable transformation from paper to digital, providing the only single system that delivers an in-house and ‘go to client’ VOI solution in metropolitan and regional areas nationally.” To find out more about IDSecure or register for free to use their verification of identity services, visit

3 May 2016 - Smartphones Will Be Less Boring in the Future



2 May 2016 - Elevate Services Acquires Legal OnRamp


2 May 2016 - Big Wins and Growth at iManage Plus New File Sharing Features

28 April 2016 - IP Software Powerhouse CPA Global Building an Integrated Platform


26 April 2016 - LexisNexis® Wins Stevie Award for Innovation


21 April 2016 - Is Microsoft About to Put Sync Companies Out of Business?


19 April 2016 - Thomson Reuters Elite: New Partners and Breakthrough Version of Workspace


18 April 2016 - Nuix Explains How Panama Papers Were Processed


Nuix Technologies is an Australian founded software company, best known in Australia as a legal IT eDiscovery provider. It was established in 2000. The Panama Papers have brought it into the world spotlight and there are now reports that the company may float on the ASX. 

Interestingly, the size of the Panama Papers was only 2.6 terabytes. A cheap laptop computer can come with 1 TB. You can buy a 2 TB external hard drive for around $150. 

Forevermore, Nuix will be known as the company that "cracked" the Panama Papers.


14 April 2016 - DocsCorp Extends contentCrawler Integration to Microsoft SharePoint Online on the Microsoft Azure Platform

DocsCorp has announced that contentCrawler, its integrated analysis, processing and reporting framework, now integrates with Microsoft SharePoint Online, and is available for immediate deployment from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

contentCrawler searches SharePoint Online libraries for image files such as TIFF and scanned PDFs, even within email attachments. It then OCRs these documents, profiling the resulting searchable documents back into SharePoint with minimal intervention. contentCrawler can process documents 24/7, taking advantage of multithread processing.

contentCrawler and SharePoint Online are cloud-based solutions, which means processing is faster and more secure as files are never downloaded to local machines. Operating in the cloud also means on-premise infrastructure is unnecessary. Provisioning of the software is very fast and occurs within minutes. contentCrawler running in Microsoft Azure comes preconfigured and ready to run in Audit mode, providing insight into how much content is static images in your SharePoint Online libraries.

“contentCrawler enhances the searchability of images stored in SharePoint Online. The contentCrawler free audit process enables the CIO to assess the quantity of content in their system that can benefit from this solution,” said Shane Barnett, DocsCorp CTO and Co-founder.

contentCrawler currently supports two services, OCR and compression. In the case of the Compression module, contentCrawler will identify documents where a certain level of compression is achievable to free up space for other documents to be added. IT Administrators can combine contentCrawler modules into a single, multi-process service for even greater efficiency and productivity. For example, a combined OCR and Compression service would locate all the image-based documents in SharePoint Online, OCR and convert them to smaller, text-searchable PDFs.


14 April 2016 - LexisNexis Has Integrated WordRake and EagleEye For Lexis Draft Pro


13 April 2016 - LexisNexis Launches 17th Practical Guidance Module

LexisNexis® has launched Practical Guidance Governance, an on-the-job practical resource for company secretaries, and governance and risk professionals.

It contains step-by-step and best practice know-how for all of the regulatory requirements around meetings, reporting and disclosure as well as related areas such as the board of directors, not-for-profits, risk management and work health & safety.

Practical Guidance Governance has been co-developed with Governance Institute of Australia.

“This strategic partnership will combine their expertise in developing indispensable knowledge resources with our mastery of governance knowledge, principles and practices to produce the best, most reliable and user-friendly guidance and tools for governance and risk professionals at any stage in their careers.” – Steven Burrell, CEO, Governance Institute of Australia

Other Practical Guidance practice areas are:  Family Law, Business Law, Employment Law, Property Law, Corporations Law, Succession Law, Work Health & Safety Law, General Counsel, Practical Guidance ACLA, PG ACC Australia Premium,  Consumer Law, Personal Property Securities,  Immigration Law, Personal Injury NSW, Personal Injury Vic and Personal Injury Qld.

Practical Guidance modules include:

• Guidance Notes written in plain English by experts, which are practically focused and structured.
• Checklists that guide you through a matter step-by-step.
• Precedents & Forms which are provided in the context of workflow
• Fast access to legislation and case law allowing drill-down to a particular point of law where necessary
LexisNexis Australia’s general manager Joanne Beckett adds, “LexisNexis has a track record for producing highly-acclaimed resources that make it easy for professionals to perform at their best. Working with Governance Institute ensures that our governance-related guidance and tools meet the highest standards in quality, accuracy and practicality that our customers expect and deserve.”


8 April 2016 - A Leading E-Signature Provider Overcomes Cloud Data Sovereignty Concerns 


6 April 2016 - Transactional Lawyers Working Smarter


31 March 2016 - Data Sovereignty and Privacy Top Cloud Concerns for Lawyers

30 March 2016 - The Technology Transformation at Thomson Reuters Elite


23 March 2016 - How to Create Word Docs in Style



17 March 2016 - New Cloud-to-Cloud Integration of NetDocuments DMS and contentCrawler on Microsoft Azure


14 March 2016 - Thousands of Law Firms Join Australian E-Conveyancing Tech Start-Up


9 March 2016 - Last Minute CPD Options for Lawyers


8 March 2016 - Who Wins The Race: The Barista or the Property Lawyer?


Learn more about creating an Electronic Contract for Sale here

3 March 2016 - Small Law Firm Knowledge Management By Lawyers


2 March 2016 - A Realistic and Insightful Conversation About the Future of Lawyers in the Legal Services Market

Click image below to visit The Soul of Enterprise blog where the podcast can be launched.



24 February 2016 - Call to Overhaul PPSR


17 February 2016 - How to Integrate Workspace, Technology and Communications into a Beautiful and Functional Result

A large UK law firm shows how they did it. Film starring: CMSBT and Tikit. 


15 February 2016 - Law Librarians Not Ready to Give Up Their Name

pic attribution

Today, books and journals are digital. Information is not bounded by the walls of a physical building but by paywalls and passwords. To a younger generation, the word library is likely to be more associated with a digital folder than a physical repository.

If physical libraries are on the path to extinction, then what is happening to the role of librarians, and more specifically to law librarians?

The American Association of Law Libraries conducted a vote of its members to rename their organisation to the Association for Legal Information. The new name was rejected.

The result of the vote was 1,998 (80.11 percent) opposed, to 496 (19.89 percent) in favour. A record number of members voted on this proposal, with 59.51 percent casting a ballot.

Independent commentary on the vote can be found here

11 February 2016 - BarBooks, Barristers and their Macs


11 February 2016 - Maddocks has launched a new electronic exchange platform for development contracts


9 February 2016 - Hall & Wilcox Implements Nikec Binder and Nikec Docstore to Improve Efficiency with Legal Document Bibles and Audits

Hall & Wilcox is a firm of more than 400 people including 62 partners with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Perth and Canberra. The firm acts nationally for Australian-based clients and multinational clients with Australian interests.

Priding themselves on delivering "smarter law", Hall & Wilcox has been using Nikec Binder to enhance its less-paper initiatives.
recent surprise audit in their insurance section was a perfect example of how Binder speeds up the process of using electronic documents and saves time.

Instead of spending hours finding, printing out and binding the documents into a paper file needed for an audit, Hall & Wilcox staff can create an electronic Binder straight out of iManage in minutes allowing the auditors to flick through these documents within the Binder on a Surface Pro as easy as if it was in a physical binder.

Having the ability to search quickly anywhere within the digital Binder gives it the edge over the paper file.

Hall & Wilcox also recently implemented Nikec Docstore, a secure file sharing and collaboration platform. Docstore allows Hall & Wilcox to easily share Binders with clients and counsel, whilst being in control of where their data resides and maintain security throughout.

8 February 2016 - Does This Search Belong to Your Matter?


3 February 2016 - SAI Global Has Become an Integration Partner with Thomson Reuters Elite

SAI Global’s Property Division Helps Thomson Reuters Elite Clients Mitigate Risk and Optimize Performance through New Partnership ... More


2 February 2016 - Legal IT Company HighQ Receives US$50m Investment


1 February 2016 - Thomson Reuters and GlobalX Legal Solutions Announce Integration Partnership


29 January 2016 - DocsCorp and Microsoft Collaborate to Deliver New DocsCorp Cloud

DocsCorp, a global leader in integrated document workflow solutions and technologies, has announced plans to deliver a new, cloud-based capability that will be called DocsCorp Cloud. In addition, DocsCorp will publish new Add-Ins that will extend the functionality of cleanDocs and compareDocs within Office 365.

The new solutions will be hosted on public cloud platform Microsoft Azure. The DocsCorp Cloud-based versions of cleanDocs and compareDocs will not replace desktop editions of these products, but will provide clients with additional options and a greater degree of flexibility in accessing DocsCorp technologies from devices such as Surface Pro, iPad, Mac, and web browsers. DocsCorp will continue to develop and enhance its suite of Windows-based desktop products, including contentCrawler and pdfDocs in addition to cleanDocs and compareDocs. The company is also in discussions with key partners in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management System (DMS) space about integrating their software with the DocsCorp Cloud.
Dean Sappey, DocsCorp President and Co-founder remarked, "The Microsoft Azure environment presents clients with an entirely new and innovative way in which they can access our software to do their work – one that is not tied to the desktop, but rather can be accessed from any device, anytime, anywhere for greater flexibility. 
“With these exciting new cloud-based offerings, we anticipate significant growth in our client base as more and more businesses move to a cloud only environment and seek cloud-based solutions such as DocsCorp Cloud.  This will help us surpass the 50 percent annual growth we saw this past year across North America, Europe and APAC operations."
Steven Miller, Director Applications and Services at Microsoft Australia said, “We’re excited to facilitate DocsCorp’s move to the cloud. We believe their ability to deliver their software and increased integration via Azure will increase productivity for our Office 365 users and for DocsCorp clients as well.”

29 January 2016 - One-stop-shop revolutionises Contracts for Sale


28 January 2016 - How to Verify an Identity Using IDfy


27 January 2016 - How Your Personal Computer Will Eventually Become Your Smartphone

20 January 2016 - Top Selling Personal Computer Brands


13 January 2016 - The Legal Tech Opportunities Set to Benefit Firms in 2016


12 January 2016 - InfoTrack Seeks ASX Listing


8 January 2016 - Peppermint Technology Flags Entry into Australian Legal Market

Peppermint Technology burst out of the gates only a few years ago and has been making an impact on the UK Legal IT scene. The platform was selected by renowned innovator Riverview Law. Based in the UK, Peppermint currently has more than 5,000 users across 30 legal and dispute management firms.

Peppermint Technology offers practice management and document management functionality utilising the Microsoft Dynamics and Sharepoint platforms. While not designed for the smallest law firms, the company has a version called  PeppDirect which provides “the same modern, client centric, functionality as the multi-award winning Peppermint Legal Service Platform with tailored templates and workflows to get firms started straight away,” as described by the company.

Last month Peppermint Technology raised venture capital funding of over £10 million (around A$20m) to accelerate its growth and develop its technology into a multi-currency and multi-jurisdictional platform.

Peppermint Technology founder and CEO, Arlene Adams told Insider the US is at the top of Peppermint's hit list when it comes to branching out.

"However, there are some more markets that are easier to move into such as Australia and Canada, as they follow English law,” she said.


6 January 2016 - A Cloud Practice Management System Using Only Microsoft Software





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