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25 March 2015 - Herbert Smith Freehills Encouraging More Lawyers to Work From Home

Depiction of a HSF work location 

In a trial, a selected number of partners and fee-earners at Herbert Smith Freehills (HSF) have been invited to work from home up to one day per week for a period of three months. The results of the trial will be used for the implementation of home working across HSF offices globally.

Since 2012 HSF has had flexible working arrangements in the firm. Flexible working arrangements will now become even more flexible incorporating the ability to work from home.

HSF describes these initiatives as embedding 'agile working' within the firm's working culture.

Ian Cox, Managing Partner for the UK and US, comments:

"Since 2012 working in global teams across challenging time zone differences has been a real catalyst for change within the firm. Greater flexibility has resulted in improved productivity and efficiencies that clients have already benefitted from, as well as improved work/life balance for those within our business services teams.

"A number of partners and lawyers also work from home in similar ways, and feedback from their experiences is positive. We now want to pursue this in a structured way to encourage more widespread adoption of home working across our fee-earning groups, so that we can continue to attract and retain the best people."


19 March 2015 - UK Flexible Lawyer Staffing Service Growing Strongly


12 March 2015 [USA] - Why is There a Demand for LegalZoom?

LegalZoom is promoting its inexpensive legal plans - for businesses, starting at $23.99 per month:

  • Have a legal plan attorney review your business contracts and other legal documents
  • Get personalized attorney help at a rate even the smallest business owner can afford
  • Talk to an attorney on an unlimited number of new legal matters for one low monthly fee. No hourly fees and no surprises.
  • Protect you and your business from expensive errors and lawsuits


A couple of years ago, Mark Britton, founder of Avvo, explained why there is a demand for LegalZoom and how their marketing works.



20 February 2015 [USA] - Lawyer Matching Service for Consumers and Small Business - New Advertisement

This 30 seconds production covers incidents involving motor vehicle accidents, personal injury (from both the plaintiff and defendant's perspective), product liability, small business disputes and divorce.

The prospective clients come from a wide cross section of ethnic and socio-economic groups. The main dialogue is a clever one-word mantra that follows each incident.


17 February 2015 [UK] - Online Courts are a Realistic Prospect

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 Read article at The Independent by clicking image below




6 February 2015 - Knowledge in a Law Firm Packaged into a Subscription Product


28 January 2015 [UK] - UK Law Society Launches E-Conveyancing Platform

The Law Society of England & Wales has launched an online conveyancing portal in a joint venture with IT company Mastek. There are unofficial and unconfirmed reports that the Law Society has invested £5 million and that it has a 60% stake in the joint venture. The name of the portal is Veyo. See videos below.

In separate news, concerning the UK property industry, there is a serious push by real estate agents to dominate the market for online property listings. 





7 January 2015 [UK] - UK Law Firm in Bid to Deploy Artificial Intelligence

Riverview Law, the fixed priced legal services business, has entered into a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Liverpool designed to leverage the University’s Artificial Intelligence expertise in the legal market.

Alongside recently announced initiatives, the KTP enables Riverview Law to apply a range of leading-edge computer science expertise in areas as diverse as Artificial Intelligence (AI), text processing, network analysis, computational argumentation and data mining. A primary objective of this project is to automate some of the cognitive abilities of knowledge workers to provide organisations with intelligent decision support tools.

This announcement follows on from the recent launch of ‘Riverview Law In-house’, which includes a range of software modules that help In-house legal teams in large organisations manage matters, evolve their operating model and improve their effectiveness and efficiency. It also follows confirmation that Riverview Law is setting-up a separate technology business to exploit the software that it has built and the IP that it has and is creating.

Dr Katie Atkinson, Reader in the Agent Applications, Research, and Technology (Agent ART) Group of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Liverpool, says: “We are delighted to be working with such an innovative company as Riverview Law. From our first meeting we were struck by the commitment its team has to the application of technology, not only in its own business but also in the way it delivers services to its global customers. Meetings with those customers and the wider Riverview Law team simply confirmed our desire to work with them and show how we can commercialise our research.” Katie is also Program Chair for the 2015 ICAIL conference of the International Association for Artificial Intelligence and Law.

Karl Chapman, Chief Executive of Riverview Law said: “Over the last 18 months, as we developed our thinking in the AI and expert systems field, we were delighted to find such relevant world-class expertise on our doorstep – North-West England really is becoming the centre of the legal universe! This is another big step in the evolution and growth of Riverview Law. We are very focused on providing expert systems and tools that support knowledge work and the way AI and such systems can help our teams and our customers make quicker and better decisions.”


2 December 2014 [USA] - Relationship Plus Reputation Equals Reassurance

 (above video originally published in 2013)

Our version: Relationship + Reputation = Reassurance
Reassurance + Results = Revenue


24 November 2014 [USA] - A Platform that Connects Plaintiffs with Those Seeking to Invest in Litigation

Last month, Legal Practice Intelligence highlighted how litigation funding not only benefits plaintiffs and justice but that it can also be a great business. 

In the US an online platform has been established where people can find cases in which to invest. The owner of the platform appears to make a healthy fee on making these connections.

Read article and visit the LexShares website



24 November 2014 [USA] - Peter Thiel's Perspective on the "Education  Bubble"



5 November 2014 [USA] - A Candid and Revealing Discussion About Big Law Firm Business




3 November 2014 [USA] - LegalZoom Teams up with Sam's Club

Read more:


3 November 2014 [USA] - Avvo Advisor: Fixed fee of US$39 for 15 minutes

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Official media release



3 November 2014 - [USA] Code The Deal Legal Hackathon




8 September 2014 - [USA] How Fair is Your Contract? Find Out in Seconds

If you are an independent designer, IT developer or consultant who has been given a contract to sign as part of accepting a project, what are your options? You can try to analyse the contract yourself, ask a lawyer to advise you or do nothing and hope for the best. Now there is another option. You can simply upload the contract to an automated service and receive suggestions in under one minute. Click the image below to visit LegalSifter and read more at Techcrunch.



15 August 2014 - [USA] An Innovative Pricing Concept for Legal Services

A small law firm has come up with an innovative way of charging for legal services. A table determines the hourly rate to be used. The table is based on a family's income and the number of people in the family. For example, if there are 4 people in a family which has annual income of $47,700 then the hourly rate will be $65.00. See below: 

Read article at The Atlantic  Visit the firm's website


24 July 2014 - Wevorce

 If Video does not display try this link to ABC News site



24 July 2014 - US Law Firm To Compete with E-Discovery Vendors

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17 July 2014 - US$25 Million Equity Investment into NetDocuments


8 July 2014 - In Sweden, Bypassing the Entire Expensive Court System

”Swiftcourt targets individuals and SME’s, in order to provide them with a possibility to solve disputes without costing a fortune. Today many businesses don’t even solve their disputes because of the high legal costs and long processing time in the District Courts.”

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3 July 2014 - Rebooting Legal Education - Startup Legal Garage (California)




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