We Ask Lift Legal About the Law Firm that Increased File Openings by 61%

Posted at Legal Practice Intelligence - 21 January 2015

Lift Legal is a marketing and technology firm that specialises in helping law firms increase their revenue and profitability. Earlier this month Lift Legal revealed how one of its clients increased file openings by 61%.

Legal Practice Intelligence wanted to know more. Below is an excerpt from the original article that has attracted a huge amount of attention. Following the article we put some questions to Peter Heazlewood of Lift Legal.

Peter Heazlewood of Lift Legal

Before July 2014 the law firm did no formal marketing.

The firm had been relying on Legal Aid work as a source of work. Over the years they had noticed a decline in file openings year on year and as a consequence were looking for help.  In June 2014 we started working with them to produce their eNewsletter. The first edition was sent in July and subsequent editions in late August, October and early December. That is, about one newsletter every 6 weeks.

We were provided with anecdotal evidence by the principal in the months from July to the effect that their phones were ringing more often; that their diaries were filling and that more people were coming into their office.

This week they did an analysis and found that in the six months from July to December 2014 they opened 61% more files compared to the first 6 months after removing all Legal Aid files for the year.

Q&A with Peter Heazlewood (PH) of Lift Legal. Questions from Legal Practice Intelligence (LPI)

LPI: What type of practice is it? What type of work does it handle?

PH: It is a general practice

LPI: How many people work in the firm?

PH: It is a four person firm

LPI: How many email newsletters were sent?

PH: One email newsletter was sent approximately every six weeks – four emails over six months

LPI: What type of content was included in the newsletters?

PH: The newsletters contained three articles on different areas of law, tailored to what the firm does, plus one article about the firm itself.

LPI: What is the expectation about a further increase in new matters?

PH: The firm thinks this is a "no-brainer" and anticipates that this will deliver a new 'layer' of new work for as long as they continue with the newsletters.

LPI: Thank you Peter for taking the time to answer these questions.

If you think that email newsletters are not cutting edge then you are probably right. However, you are probably also missing the point. The above case study shows that clients of small law firms respond to professionally-presented, relevant information about the law. It also demonstrates the power of reminding prospective clients that when the need arises, your firm is available and keen to assist them. 

Small law firms don’t always have the time or people to put together marketing campaigns that they know they should be doing. It is Lift Legal’s aim to solve this problem.

Click the below image to view a sample gallery of newsletters produced by Lift Legal for their clients.

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Deborah Searle
Hi Peter,

But to whom were these newsletters sent? To existing clients for non-legal aid work or to a broader range of prospectives and how were they arrived at?

Regards, Deb.

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