Online Legal Services Innovation Beyond North America, UK and Australia

Posted at Legal Practice Intelligence - 17 September 2015

This month, LegalVision, an online law firm targeting small to medium Australian businesses, won the prestigious ALPMA/InfoTrack thought leadership award. Who is getting the recognition and funding for entrepreneurship in legal services overseas?

From our vantage point in Australia, we tend to look towards the English-speaking regions of North America and the UK. It is easy to have a blind spot for developments occurring elsewhere.

Below we highlight three groups of entrepreneurs who are pursuing innovation in the legal services markets of Europe, Asia and South Africa.

Country of Origin: Sweden

Agreement 24

Mission: “Our mission is to make complicated law more accessible to the people. With our easy-to-use and cost efficient online legal service, we help people create their own necessary legal documents. Today we offer legal services, through a scalable software, in Germany and Sweden with offices in Berlin and Stockholm.”

Latest News: Venture Capital company NFT Ventures recently announced an investment of 10 million Krona (A$1.6m) into Agreement 24’s holding company to help with marketing and expansion.

Country of Origin: Hong Kong

Company: Dragon Law

Mission: Making it easy, fast, and affordable for businesses of all sizes to access law in Asia.

Latest News: Dragon Law has already expanded to Singapore. In a recent interview, Dragon Law’s Head of Legal and Client Services said “Both Hong Kong and Singapore have a strong focus on assisting entrepreneurs and business which is very much in line with the vision of Dragon Law. We started in Hong Kong since we saw it had the best opportunities for Dragon Law to establish itself and grow. Hong Kong and Singapore also offer a good degree of stability. We have plans to expand within Asia, but longer term we see no barriers to entering non-Asian markets.”

Country of Origin: South Africa

Company: LexNove

Partial screenshot

Mission: LexNove is an online platform which allows people to find legal representation from a panel of hand-picked lawyers.

Latest News: They launched last month


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