$25 million Per Year of Legal Fees Uncovered by Employment Law Consultancy Business

Posted at Legal Practice Intelligence - 17 November 2015

Employsure taps into latent legal fees

Employsure describes itself as Australia’s leading expert in the field of workplace regulations, offering a suite of services to support clients specific needs.

Started only four years ago, Employsure has won Australian Growth Company of the Year award 2015 in a category for businesses with turnover of between $25m and $500m per annum.

Legal Practice Intelligence does not have specific information about Employsure’s turnover and it could be even more than $25 million per annum.

The business now provides services to over 7,000 clients and employs around 300 people.

Employsure website http://employsure.com.au/

Adecco announces entry to market

The success of Employsure may be more than coincidental to a recent announcement by a potential heavyweight competitor who is also entering the market.

Australia’s largest labour hire company Adecco is releasing a range of Outsourced Human Resources (OHR) online offerings designed to dramatically reduce if not halve SMEs HR legal spend on services traditionally supplied by workplace lawyers - the company has stated.

The offerings - standard, unique and boutique –provide tailored solutions that enable SMEs to build their own digital HR capability and expertise without incurring prohibitive legal costs.  From the standard to boutique packages, the offerings have been designed to meet the needs and expectations of every SME regardless of size or sector.  They range from basics of employment contracts and employee handbooks to tailored anti-bullying policies, equal employment and sexual harassment issues, employee performance frameworks, gender diversity initiatives, and enterprise bargaining for the manufacturing and logistics sector and compliance with award wages.

According to Adecco’s General Manager of Industrial Relations in Australia and New Zealand and Director of Adecco:OHR (A:OHR) Chris Turner: “Despite the potential for huge costs for non-compliance, many SMEs are not aware of just how close to the wind they are when it comes to complying with the industrial relations and HR regulatory framework in Australia which continues to grow in complexity.  Last year alone the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) received more than 7 million website visits and assisted 20,000 people with complaints, and the Fair Work Commission website received more than 3 million visits and 120,000 unfair dismissal eligibility enquiries. We are also seeing record judgements for damages and compensation being awarded.”

“And even if SMEs are aware of their compliance and employee obligations, our experience and research indicates that the legal costs and lost time incurred in putting in place the correct policies, procedures, frameworks and training are prohibitive for many – and that is what really drove us to launching this new A:OHR offering – linking HR/IR experts with industry experience and expertise to provide real support and allow SMEs to get on with what they do best - running their business.” Mr Turner added.

Adecco also stated that as the largest labour hire company in the world, it has the industrial experience, technical expertise and commercial know-how to develop and administer these innovative offerings that can be tailored for every business and industry. They can assist businesses manage risk, minimise disruption and save valuable and potentially costly time addressing workplace claims and disputes.


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