A USA Legal Services Startup Focuses on Consultations on the Go

Posted at Legal Practice Intelligence - 29 March 2016

Coming out of Colorado, USA is Lawbooth. It is an online service that connects prospective clients with lawyers.

An online platform that helps people find lawyers is not a new idea. There are other online services performing this function that have been around for a long time. One such site is Avvo which is a leader in this space.

Lawbooth is different because of its emphasis on instantaneous appointment scheduling that is booked online by the client.


The platform has its own built-in video chat service so that appointments can be conducted remotely.  

While Avvo uses a google type search interface, Lawbooth has adopted a select and browse approach. The design of the site is modern and inviting which distinguishes it from some of the more established services.

Lawbooth started as Congo (consultations on the go) but changed its branding when it discovered the prohibitive cost of obtaining the congo.com domain.


In 2013 another online directory / matching service was launched in the US called Priori Legal. Its emphasis has been on business law. When asked how Priori Legal was different to other legal marketplaces, its founder answered: "The intense curation of our network combined with our matchmaking approach — using data to identify the lawyers in our network with precisely the expertise and experience a client needs — set us apart from other marketplaces". Read full interview here.

Helping people find lawyers has been a serious online endeavour since Google opened its doors for business. In more recent years, niche services have been sprouting all over the world. Some may not last the distance but it looks like this category of business is here to stay.


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