Ally Law to Compete With Global Firms

Posted at Legal Practice Intelligence - 16 August 2016

Ally Law has just launched with 2,400 lawyers across 42 countries. Previously known as International Alliance of Law Firms - a major global network of independent law firms founded 26 years ago - the new name reflects a new direction.

The independent law firms in the group are pushing for a seamless experience for clients that have multi-jurisdiction needs.

Whereas a group like this might have operated in the past primarily as a referral network, the aim now is for clients to feel as though they are dealing with a single firm.

New member, Civic Legal is the sole Western Australian member of Ally Law, which includes 60+ independent firms around the world.

The Ally Law platform includes global client service standards, a process for clients to evaluate member firm performance and a variety of substantive tools and resource materials to promote global business.

This new initiative grew from the deep relationships formed within The International Alliance of Law Firms, a premier legal network formed 26 years ago. 

Anthony Quahe, Managing Principal of Civic Legal, comments, “Often, clients’ business takes them outside of WA and spans multiple jurisdictions. They need legal services to be seamless, lean and efficient. Ally Law takes a foundation of trust and skill built over 25 years to the next level for our clients. Civic Legal is proud to be the WA member of this global partnership.”

Each Ally Law firm independently sets its rates appropriate to their local market, which offers clients a better value for their legal services budget. Member firms also use alternative fee arrangements to provide greater predictability and savings.

“Ally Law firms offer clients local knowledge across practice and industry lines” comments Richard Nicholls-Maltman of Civic Legal. “We have a very broad and deep range of business and legal counsel, meaning we understand a client’s business - with a global perspective.”

Ally Law members offer the full complement of services requisite to global law firms, including corporate and securities, environmental, intellectual property, labor, employment and employee benefits, government and regulatory, litigation and tax.

Ally Law also has exceptional depth in key industry sectors, for example, healthcare, leisure and hospitality, real property and construction, retail, and technology.

“We are serious about our service standards,” says Mr. Quahe. “Ally worked with an outside client advisory board to vet our process and make sure we were on point to exceed client expectations.”  

Ally law firms are subject to a vetting process and must adhere to rigorous service standards, which include written assessments of client satisfaction. 

In addition to Civic Legal, Ally Law includes the following firms in Australia:

• Sydney: Kemp Strang

• Melbourne: Russell Kennedy

• Brisbane: Thynne + Macartney


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