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Posted at Legal Practice Intelligence - 31 October 2016 - by Peter Frankl

The categories referred to as Online Legal Services, Online Law Firms and Online Lawyers are still nascent. Although startups in these categories gain much attention for their innovation and successes, they still represent a small fraction of the total market for legal services. Being relatively new and different, also gives them the chance to grow quickly when they get the formula right.

These categories look like they are here to stay. In Australia, we have examples such as LegalVision, LawPath, LawAdvisor, LawChoice, LawCorner and LawyerQuote. Others have come and gone. At present, Online Law Firm is an ill-defined term. There have been numerous small law firms using this label, offering varying degrees of online services.

The important thing perhaps is not to get bogged down in terminology but to recognise that legal services utilising the internet and online technologies are here to stay. More than that, it is a field of constant experimentation that has to lead to continued growth in market share.

It is also a worldwide phenomenon. We have previously highlighted online innovation in legal services existing in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Sweden, Germany, Nigeria, South Africa, Malaysia, UK and USA. This is unlikely to be an exhaustive list of countries.

This year started in India. The company announced:

LAWVEDIC BECOMES ONE STOP DESTINATION FOR ALL LEGAL SERVICES IN INDIA offers a Legal market place for people to find the best legal services and legal advice in India. The website is basically, a network of qualified and expert legal professionals who offer their services to other users in an affordable and easily accessible manner. With a mission to make legal services more transparent accessible, efficient, and affordable in the country, Anuj Sayal Founder, CEO realised huge gap in this industry when he faced legal challenge so he thought of incepting LawVedic to fill the gap between expert legal professionals and people seeking for legal help.

The website, with the help of modern technology, has simplified the process of finding and hiring legal help as per their requirements and budget. All the legal professionals that are featured on the website are pre-screened and certified so that the people can get genuine support for their legal matters. The users can contact a professional and receive a quote on a variety of common services.

LawVedic offers a convenient platform to find legal services by saving the hassle of calling and going around to multiple law offices to find the best lawyer.  The lawyers and law firms can also get benefitted from the website as it offers them an efficient channel for online marketing and client acquisition for better control and easy to measure ROI.

The user can choose one of the two sections of the website that is the Lawyer’s zone or the Consumer’s zone as per their requirements. To find a qualified lawyer or legal help, the user can enter all the requirements and the website will recommend suitable solutions for the same.  The user can choose among thousands of qualified lawyers with a full profile and professional details after which they can communicate privately with the lawyer and proceed to payment.

Apart from offering easily accessible legal help, the website also features a variety of articles which inform the user on various legal matters that are relevant to everyday life.  The users can also view the latest news in the law and order domain while they can participate in forums to get free legal advice.

 The library will give access to several journals and books based on law and the jobs section will offer updates on job openings in law sector. The users can also post a question to get answers for their legal queries while the students can look for top law colleges through the website.

The aim of LawVedic is to bring a revolution in the world of law through this platform that adds transparency and efficiency to the market while enabling lawyers and clients to connect and work together like never before.



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