[UK] An Amicable Divorce With The Amicable App

Posted at Legal Practice Intelligence - 13 January 2017

An app launched in the UK provides an alternative to a “lawyer-led” divorce. The alternative is an "Amicable Divorce" using an app called the Amicable App.

Founded by divorce expert Kate Daly (traumatic divorce survivor) and technology entrepreneur Pip Wilson, the app is described as:

The simplest, fastest way to collect, share and communicate essential divorce information with your ex. Save thousands of pounds in legal fees by creating your own parenting plans, financial arrangements and settlements. 

Amicable helps you build a dialogue with your ex to support your co-parenting in the future, not leave you bitter or dependant on lawyers to sort things out. You can upload all your financial information, photograph important documents and make settlement proposals in our easy to use templates.  

There is a lot of anti-lawyer sentiment in the marketing of the app but perhaps technology like this could also be adapted for use by family lawyers as an additional service as part of their practice. 

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The app has an extensive feature list, including:

• Collect, share & communicate essential divorce information for free

• Questionnaire and blogs to assess your readiness to start the divorce

• Goal setting to keep you focused on the future and minimise conflict

• Invite partner feature to link accounts and enable dialogue between you and your ex

• Communication help for an amicable dialogue (including safety rules)

• Pre-filled suggestions to help you create parenting plans

• Click-n-swipe templates to complete your financial disclosure and sort out money

• Photograph uploads that allow you to share important documents

• Comprehensive divorce guides and tips on being amicable

• Prompts to let you know when your partner has shared something new or has agreed one of your proposals

• Pin protection to maintain privacy

• Request and receive a file of all your data

 More at https://amicable.io/


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