The First $199 That Your Law Firm Should be Spending on Marketing Each Month

Posted at Legal Practice Intelligence - 17 January 2017


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What do lawyers know about digital marketing, SEO and mobile optimisation? It used to be safe to answer “nothing” or “not much”. As each year passes, there are more lawyers and staff in law firms who are gaining expertise in the marketing of legal services via the internet.

If your firm needs to catch up quickly or needs an ongoing “low-touch” solution, a new service has been launched by LEAP Legal Software, specifically for small law firms.

You will not have to spend hours or days dealing with technical people trying to educate them about the needs of law firms because LEAP already knows. LEAP Websites has created thousands of websites for small law firms and has now seriously upgraded and broadened its service under the name of its newest division, Zaliet.

Described as a digital marketing agency, Zaliet offers a full suite of affordable online marketing and sales solutions for small law firms. Zaliet CEO is Rachel Williams, LEAP’s former Global Transitions Manager. She spoke about the legal profession’s need for smarter, more modern-facing marketing strategies.

“More people are using the internet to research products and services before making a purchase, often on their mobile phones. Yet 40% of all small law firms don’t even have a website, let alone a mobile-optimised website.”

Zaliet aims to connect digitally-savvy consumers with the small law firms that have been failing to engage with their audience.

“A website that shows your law firm’s personality, clearly states your services and offers readers some personalised content is one of the most effective ways to reach a wide audience and grow your client base,” Williams said.

Zaliet prides itself on being globally unique. One of its primary offerings is personalised content from a pre-populated digital library that clients can use on their websites.

“In our years of building websites for small law firms, we found that one of the most common and difficult delays is content creation. At its simplest, content creation is about putting words on the web page to describe what the law firm does and why the client should choose them,” Williams said. “When building a website, waiting on content from a client can take a long time. That’s why we created the content library.”

The digital content library is an innovative concept. For each area of law or general subject matter there is pre-populated text, so that clients from all practice areas can find something relevant to their firm. Using Zaliet’s client space, clients can select content and insert it onto a chosen page of their website. They can then rework the content as they see fit, or simply use it as a starting point.

Zaliet encourages law firms to embrace personalised content and provide their clients with a useful, engaging website experience.

“Having fresh, high quality custom content on your website improves your rankings in search engines,” Williams said. “This boosts your website traffic, generates leads and, importantly, encourages clients to enlist your services.”

Zaliet is looking to expand its digital library further, planning to give clients a wider selection of content that is both country specific and tailored for audiences from different backgrounds, incomes and concerns.

Zaliet currently offers three plans for mobile-optimised websites, with a variety of services and add-ons including social media tools and search engine optimization.

Whether you sign up to the monthly $99 plan, $199 plan or $349 plan, this has to be the first expenditure your firm makes for marketing. Without a professional digital platform in place first, any other marketing expenditure your firm makes, online or offline, will likely be far less effective.

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