The man who coined the phrase No Win No Fee is back

Posted at Legal Practice Intelligence - 23 January 2017

Robert Bryden is back.

Anyone who has had an interest in NSW personal injury law practice would recognise the name Robert Bryden as one of the industry’s most successful practice leaders.

Robert Bryden says he “coined the phrase ‘no win, no fee’ now chanted by all the followers.”

Robert Bryden in front of a crushed car artwork

After 32 years in practice and more than 30,000 cases, he exited his legal business in 2013. That business continues to operate as Brydens Lawyers with around 30 employed lawyers. Robert Bryden has started a new practice known as Robert Bryden Lawyers.

What has Robert Bryden been doing for the past three years? In his own words:

“I sold out of my previous legal business in 2013 and pursued my passion in the areas of caring for other Aussies across policy, motorsport, motorcycles and road safety. 

“This led me to run for Senate Candidate with AMEP in 2016 Federal Election.

“We gave it a great run and increased the awareness of road safety significantly. We tripled our vote in NSW with AMEP since the previous election. We educated across our data driven facts that speed doesn’t kill, poorly designed roads do, the lack of driver education does, alcohol does, distraction with mobile phones ....

“I am maintaining a watch on road safety issues, CTP policy, the future of the motor vehicle industry in Australia, import rules and red tape regarding improvements/modifications.  I will act, develop policy and lobby when and where necessary.

“In the interim, what better way for me to serve my fellow Australians since the election than through my expertise in compensation law of 32 years plus and 30,000 cases?”

Prior to his break from legal practice, Robert Bryden was active for a long time as a Law Society Councillor. He was a strong advocate for reform of personal injury law advertising restrictions.

In 2012 he was found to be guilty of professional misconduct over a personal injury advertising matter. His views were vindicated when on 1 July 2015, advertising restrictions were dropped, without any fanfare, upon the introduction of the Uniform Law.

Robert Bryden’s new practice can be found at:


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