What is Holding Back Your Firm From Technology Adoption?

Posted at Legal Practice Intelligence - 17 February 2017

Despite the efficiency gains in getting work done, despite the smoother dealings with clients and despite the opportunity for a more professional image, law firms continue to have a reputation for being late or never-adopters of new technology. Why?

Everyone has theories and there may be more than one reason. If you have facts, theories or experiences with this dilemma, please share!

GlobalX has announced the launch of its annual industry survey – GlobalX Law Technology Survey, which aims to gain a better understanding and insight into the trends affecting Australia’s legal and conveyancing industries.

The survey offers the following possibilities for the technology adoption dilemma:

• Resistance from partners/principals

• Lack of available funds for technology investment

• Risks associated with implementation and adoption

• Resistance to change from staff

• Lack of identifiable benefits for firm’s clients

This is just one of many topics that are covered in the survey.

The online survey will be live for one week, with one lucky practitioner winning an iPad Mini.

GlobalX is distributing the survey to more than 30,000 practitioners across Australia in order to get the most up-to- date, accurate and relevant results. The survey is designed to gain an in-depth understanding of the issues, concerns, and advancements within the industry.

The survey will be open for participation from 17 – 24 February 2017:


While individual entries and answers will remain anonymous, survey results will be made available online, published in industry media, and shared with the industry via email.


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