Independent research conducted by Legal Practice Intelligence has revealed that there are an estimated 1,637 licensed conveyancing businesses in Australia. 

Licensed conveyancing businesses do not exist in Queensland or the Australian Capital Territory because they are not permitted to operate in those jurisdictions. In Western Australia, the more commonly used name for a licensed conveyancing business is ‘settlement agent’. 

The numbers below are not intended to be exact and where appropriate, they have also been rounded. 

Victoria has the largest number with an estimate of 500. Approximately one third of this number hold a provisional licence which requires them to perform certain functions in conjunction with a lawyer. The Victorian provisional licence came into being when new legislation regulating conveyancers was introduced. Provisional licence holders have a time limit in which to meet the full licence requirements.

Number of Licensed Conveyancing Businesses

500  Victoria 
400  South Australia 
390  Western Australia 
320  New South Wales 
0  Northern Territory 
    7  Tasmania