More and more Australian law firms are putting faith in legal technology

More than 200 Australian law firms are using Smarter Drafter as of this week, indicating a shift in the attitudes towards ‘legaltech’.

Smarter Drafter specialises in providing ready-to-go automated legal documents to small and medium-sized law firms across Australia. 

At the heart of the software lies Real Human ReasoningTM, a proprietary technology that guides lawyers through a Smart Q&A form and then produces an advanced legal document instantly.

Its appeal lies in the fact that lawyers are able to sign up and make the switch to automated document production immediately. For most small firms, like Frichot & Frichot, that means less time spent manually drafting documents and more focused on what they do best: providing advice and peace-of-mind to their clients.

Frichot & Frichot Managing Director, Natale Ricciardi, says “Using Smarter Drafter saves time, improves the quality of the documents our firm produces and reduces the risk of human error significantly.” 

Smarter Drafter Founder and Managing Director, David Lipworth, a lawyer turned entrepreneur, initially set out to automate content for his own law firm. He quickly realised that the tool he developed had the potential to transform the legal industry.

83 automated legal documents over 12 practice areas

Over the years, Smarter Drafter has built out both its content library and technological abilities. Currently, it has 83 different automated legal documents over 12 practice areas.

Smarter Drafter Managing Director, David Lipworth, says “We are really seeing a change in attitudes towards technology in the legal industry and, since most of our clients are getting a return on their investment within the first two months, it really is a no-brainer.”

It’s no news that the legal industry is seeing a shift towards fixed-pricing. Clients, who are at the heart of every matter, are demanding transparency and fair pricing. On the other end are the law firms who still need to turn a profit and provide a professional service in the face of these pricing pressures. Without tools like Smarter Drafter, firms who still manually draft their documents are compromising both profitability and quality control in trying to switch to fixed pricing to meet client demands.

Managing Director of Smarter Drafter, David Lipworth, says “The days of cutting and pasting are over. More and more lawyers are seeing the value of adopting a tool like Smarter Drafter. Leveraging automation is a smarter, easier way to draft legal documents.”

“Doubling in size in one year is a testament to our mission. We promised to take the pain out of legal drafting and we’re delivering. We’ve automated the boring bits that lawyers hate doing, so they’re starting to enjoy their jobs again” he says.

New white-labelled e-commerce platform

An exciting new feature that has recently been rolled out allows law firms to embed a white-labelled version of the Smart Q&A forms in their own websites and take payment directly from customers, instantly creating e-commerce capabilities and dramatically scaling their revenues.

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