MinterEllison-owned consultancy ITNewcom has scooped a mammoth $30 million contract with the Department of Defence.

The contract will see ITNewcom provide Defence with “financial, sourcing, strategy, training and reform services” for a period of three years, ending June 2023.

The win comes three years after the-once boutique technology consultancy was acquired by law firm MinterEllison. [more]

In June 2017, MinterEllison described its acquisition as a ‘sector-transforming move’.

We reported on the acquisition here. In June 2017 the news included:

“We believe this transaction is both a game-changing and a sector-changing move for a top tier firm such as ours. It is a decisive step in the implementation of our firm’s 2020 strategy,” said Mr Harrington.

Andrew Cunningham, MinterEllison’s Innovation Leader and new leader of the firm’s Consulting Solutions practice, said MinterEllison was focused on creating an innovative suite of solutions to complement its legal offerings, providing clients with seamlessly integrated legal and consulting services.

He said clients would now have the option of an end-to-end multi-disciplinary solution to achieve their desired outcomes in complex technology transactions – with reduced risk, increased efficiency and simplified execution. For ITNewcom, he signalled benefits, including the ability to operate under a prominent local and international brand and grow in key demand areas that align with the firm’s strategic 2020 vision.

“Joining ITNewcom’s complementary expertise with our existing market-leading technology practice will allow us to deliver seamless integrated consulting and legal solutions to clients seeking sophisticated technology outcomes,” said Mr Cunningham. “Our specialist expertise now includes important services such as benchmarking, strategic sourcing, negotiation support, transition management and ongoing supplier management.”