You can’t ignore the enthusiasm that exists for making the legal sector better, faster and fairer.

Despite the never-ending stream of innovation programs involving tech companies, startups and law firms, the second Global Legal Hackathon has drawn an impressive number of participants from around the world. It is perhaps an opportunity for people who work inside the legal system, who are not already part of the tech world, to come together for this important purpose.

It also shows that the legal sector is large enough and still ‘backwards’ enough that there is no shortage of needs for making the legal system work better.

On the weekend of 22-24 February 2019, 6,000 participants across 24 countries and 46 cities came together for #GLH2019. In Australia, there were groups in Melbourne and Adelaide. After a round of semi-finals, the legal hackathon awards will be announced in May 2019.

Melbourne winner: Team Cynapse, helping clients navigate and stay engaged in the Class Action landscape.
Adelaide winner: StreamLegal, a solution aimed at streamlining the legal journey and triangulating technologies to provide visual and realistic expectations of the justice system.