Small Law Firm Success Secrets

If they weren’t secrets, we’d be publishing the information right here on this page. But they are secrets, and to find out what they are, you will have to enrol in one of the free webinars being held this week on Tuesday and Thursday.  In the webinar, Colin Ritchie interviews Garth Brown about marketing, business development and technology that has enabled him to enjoy great success during his career in conveyancing – a career which is still continuing.  Colin Ritchie also has a lot to contribute, having had a long and successful career in professional services as a public accountant.  […]

What Does Business Success Look Like in Professional Services?

Book Review of: Step by Step Guide to Operating a Successful Conveyancing / Legal Practice [revised edition] If you can’t define success then how can you achieve it? Garth Brown, conveyancer and consultant, defines success for himself as “working part time for a full time income … and having quality time in life to spend with family and friends.” Garth Brown started his own conveyancing practice in 2001. Last year he received peer recognition when he won the award of AIC NSW Conveyancer of the Year.     Garth is passionate about helping others achieve business success in conveyancing and legal practice. He has just […]

The Path to Success in Conveyancing and Property Law Practice

Book Review If you are looking to save big dollars in consulting fees and even bigger dollars in costly business mistakes then invest $95 to read Garth Brown’s new handbook: Step by Step Guide to Operating a Successful Conveyancing / Legal Practice. Garth Brown is a natural at business. After his HSC and a year of working for a local council, he decided to throw himself into business, any business, as long as he was the boss. He started a window cleaning business. It was a roaring success, paying for his degree in Accountancy, a new home and several overseas holidays. […]