SAI Global has announced the launch of the Search Manager platform which brings together the best of the previous Anstat, Espreon and Lawpoint search services.

In recent years SAI Global has been acquiring search companies. The new platform emerging from these acquisitions will mark the end of some well known brands in the legal industry.

SAI Global Property’s acquisition activity:

• SAI Global acquired Universal Titles Searchers (UTS) in September 2008. 
• Galloways was owned and run by Lawpoint prior to Espreon’s purchase of LawPoint in June 2006. SAI Global acquired Espreon in 2009.
• Espreon acquired Ausearch in December 2010. 
• SAI Global Property was created by joining Anstat Property Information, Universal Titles Searchers and Espreon Property Services.

SAI Global’s Karen Brown told Legal Practice Intelligence that Search Manager represented the best features from each platform within a highly intuitive user interface.

According to SAI Global, the new single platform will offer the most extensive array of search services from one environment, providing a search platform for all property, business and personal search requirements. 

Customers of Search Manager can also look forward to improved invoicing/billing and more flexible account and user management. The launch date of Search Manager is 12 December 2011.