In the Australia Day Honours announced on 26 January 2018, Jillean Ludwell, CEO of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (Vic Div), [pictured] was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division for services to the conveyancing industry.

Over a period of 30 years Jill has made a significant contribution to the development of conveyancing services and was instrumental in developing the profession of licensed conveyancing in Victoria.

Prior to 1985, conveyancing was the exclusive domain of lawyers in Victoria. With deregulation, several law clerks saw the opportunity to create their own independence. In order to ensure a high standard of service for consumers and to help stave off several challenges by the Law Institute of Victoria to their right to work, Jill and several others formed the Victorian Conveyancers Association (VCA). In 1997 the VCA was accepted as the Victorian Division of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (National).

Finally, in 2008, conveyancers were licensed in Victoria for the first time. There are now more than 500 licensed conveyancers in Victoria.

Throughout this time, Jill worked in a voluntary capacity to help establish conveyancing as a profession and to protect the right of conveyancers to work without harassment. Jill’s husband, Will Ludwell, also deserves credit for the support he gave Jill and the many hours he spent in stamp licking and envelop stuffing. Jill would be the first to say that she did not do this alone and all AIC Vic committee members have significantly contributed to this outcome.

Jill has also been a staunch protector of the rights of consumers and has been actively involved in stakeholder working groups across all issues relating to land transfers. Jill has always been prepared to talk with stakeholders, conveyancers and members of the public and has done so with graciousness and knowledge.

All AIC Vic members should be proud of the recognition given to licensed conveyancers through this award Jill has received.

Conveyancing tech’ provider GlobalX CEO Peter Maloney praised Jill Ludwell for her tireless work, dedication and foresight to the profession.

“Over 3 decades Jill has worked tirelessly to contribute and help deliver reform for Victoria’s conveyancing industry.”

“Jill can be very proud of her service, achievements and dedication to the conveyancing industry and wider community,” Mr Maloney said.

At the AIC National Conference last year, Jillean Ludwell, was inducted into the AIC Hall of Fame. Jill worked for many years in secretarial roles and then undertook a conveyancing course at RMIT, studying part-time, working as a conveyancing clerk and raising a family. In 1989, Jillean set up her own successful conveyancing business, Good Deeds Conveyancing, which she ran successfully while at the same time working voluntarily for the Australian Institute of Conveyancers Victorian Division (AIC Vic). She sold her business in 2014 to concentrate on the AIC Vic.

For the past 20 years Jill has been involved in the development of electronic conveyancing, resulting in the world’s first electronic conveyancing system – a precursor to the current PEXA platform.