Analytics from NetDocuments Launched at Elevate 2020 Customer and Partner Conference

Analytics, included with the NetDocuments LEARN solution, gives users greater insights into the platform and its usage

NetDocuments, secure multi-tenant cloud-based content services and productivity platform for law firms, corporate legal teams, and business organizations, today introduced Analytics, a core technology in their LEARN solution that delivers cloud platform insights to better analyze and understand user behavior, user activity, and enhance user adoption.

Analytics offers “at-a-glance” insights into how users interact with content and provides clear visibility into platform use. New functions and benefits include:

  • Understand key people, documents, and activity through Workspace Analytics, which makes it easier to identify top contributors, external contacts involved in the matter or project, and to see what activity has happened and when it occurred in the workspace.
  • Convert data into insights utilizing cabinet and repository-level analytics that provide granular data to help understand how users work within the NetDocuments platform, identifying areas for improvement and targeted user training.
  • Monitor system performance including the ability to better understand platform speed and usage, and gain actionable insights into how NetDocuments is utilized, including document types and overall user engagement.

“Our Analytics technology provides our customers with greater insights and transparency into their NetDocuments platform and its usage,” noted Dan Hauck, NetDocuments’ Chief Product Officer. “We have been working closely with customers to develop Analytics and are thrilled by initial feedback and market interest.”


Analytics Overview – netdocuments