The Australian tax code is as complex, lengthy and esoteric as they come. No human being could possibly get their head around the entire tax code. But what about a computer?

An Adelaide-based tax lawyer has harnessed the power and “magic” of artificial intelligence (AI) to create an app through which a knowledgeable tax practitioner can have an informative conversation about the tax code.  If you have an intelligible tax question to ask, then the Ailira App will offer an (artificially) intelligent response.

Profiled in The Australian recently, tax lawyer Adrian Cartland partnered with Austin, Texas based AI software company, Enlyton.

Enlyton describes the collaboration with Mr Cartland as an “Enlyton powered virtual librarian chatbot.”

The company commented that “Ailira is the first white label Interactive Search Based Chatbot Experience that Enlyton has released and we are very excited about the early success and attention that she is receiving.  We worked together with Cartland Law to gain feedback from initial beta users.  We utilized that valuable feedback to better design the user experience and engineer the vast amount of tax related content that acts as Ailira’s reference library of knowledge.”

In a test of the system, Adrian Cartland’s non-lawyer girlfriend, Sarah used Ailira to pass a first-year university tax exam (video below).

The Australian reported: 

“Mr Cartland said ‘hundreds of users’ were now aboard. This week he revealed boutique law firm Waterhouse Lawyers as Ailira’s first Sydney client.

“Principal director Tania Water­house had been a long-term tester of the system. She said Ailira had saved staff ‘hours of frustration’.”