[Ed note: Acronym catch-up – KYC is Know Your Customer. You want to know enough about a prospect or a client to make an informed decision about the regulatory and financial risks of doing business with them. RegTech is Regulatory Technology – technology that helps you meet your regulatory compliance obligations.

Kyckr, an ASX-listed regulatory technology company, is pleased to announce it will go live with the provision of its API services to LegalinX, UK, this week.

LegalinX, part of the GlobalX Group, will use Kyckr’s primary source registry data to provide global company regulatory filings to the legal and accounting sectors and its thousands of professional customers. The integration of Kyckr’s API into the LegalinX platform is now complete and is expected to go live this week.

Kyckr will earn recurring fees from the download of company regulatory filings by LegalinX platform users, delivering recurring revenues in FY18.

Executive Chairman of GlobalX, Cameron Beavis, said: “Partnering with Kyckr was a natural fit and decision for LegalinX, as they share our passion for innovation and commitment to delivering our clients the most accurate, trusted and critical information in the market.”

Managing Director of Kyckr, David Cassidy states: “The use of Kyckr by LegalinX demonstrates the growing versatility of Kyckr’s services and relevance to different industry sectors and markets. Although our core focus is to help financial institutions easily comply with growing global KYC (Know Your Customer) regulatory and legislative requirements, the flexibility of Kyckr’s capabilities makes our primary source registry data services highly relevant to a broader range of industries and applications.”

Established in 1981, LegalinX is a privately-owned company based out of London and Cardiff. After decades of increasing organic growth, LegalinX merged to become part of the GlobalX Group in 2011. The GlobalX Group uses its network of global information partners to ensure the information provided to its customers is always accurate, accessible and cost effective.

The GlobalX Group serves a range of sectors, including the legal and conveyancing communities and provides services to some of the top legal, accountancy, banking and media organisations.