Kingston Reid has launched with most of the foundation team coming from K&L Gates

The firm has simultaneously opened offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth with a founding team of nine partners and 40 staff in total.

Most of the foundation team have worked together for years at their former firm, K&L Gates. The team is well-known as one of the pre-eminent legal teams for employment, industrial relations and workplace health and safety work in Australia, servicing top corporate clients and all levels of government on all their employment needs.

In launching the new firm, Kingston Reid’s Managing Partner, Alice DeBoos, said, “Our name is new but our experience and our collective footprint in the Australian market is anything but.

“Our new firm is founded by myself and eight other deeply experienced partners who have all been at the forefront of some of Australia’s most significant employment, workplace health and safety, and industrial relations matters.”

Ms De Boos went on to explain that Kingston Reid – the name of the firm chosen by the founding partners – is inspired by the legacy of Charles Kingston and George Reid, who established legislative framework for Australia’s workplaces in 1904.

The firm’s mission is to provide uncomplicated, insightful and visionary employment, workplace relations and safety law advice, delivered with an uncompromising focus on delighting clients.

“Our brand is unashamedly bold, timeless, colourful and unique. It symbolises unconventional ideas, innovation, and our energy, which, combined, will enable us to create a superb culture and an exceptional experience for our clients and our people,” said Ms De Boos.

The firm represents employers in all workplace-related jurisdictions across all industries, including government, construction, ports and logistics, manufacturing, utilities, retail, banking and finance, professional services, IT and health.

“Our expertise is in working with Australian employers to design and implement cutting-edge workplace strategies which help facilitate their operational needs, navigate important safety matters, and tackle challenging compliance issues – not to mention run and defend all litigation,” Ms DeBoos continued.

The firm intends to grow in the future both in respect of its business offering as well as its size. Ms DeBoos added: “We think a lot of top talent will see the benefits of working in a nimble specialist domestic firm that is able to diversify as well as handle the most complex legal work in the market.

“Our move to establish Kingston Reid is not about doing different work or servicing different clients than we previously have; it’s about creating a specialist environment focused solely on the issues facing employers in the workplace.

“We’ve come from one of the best law firms in the country and now want to apply that experience to creating a platform that only focuses on the world of workplaces, with an uncompromising commitment to client service.

“We also know that where our clients need support in other areas of law outside of our focus, we will have the benefit of strong and continuing relationships with K&L Gates.

“We are seriously excited about our new firm and the opportunities we have to shape the business and respond to our clients’ needs in a nimble and flexible way. Our team will harness our diversity, creativity and imaginations to create new solutions, cultivate insights, and solve problems.

“Our resourcefulness and ingenuity will create not just great outcomes for our clients but enable us to be the trailblazers in modern workplace law,” Ms DeBoos concluded.

28 lawyers left K&L Gates forming the core of the new firm. It is believed that Kingston Reid is the largest specialist employment law firm in its segment of servicing top corporate clients. Earlier in 2019, K&L Gates lost two IP partners and a Restructuring/Insolvency partner.