Gilbert +Tobin is the star performer according to an analysis of statistics published by Business Review Weekly (BRW) magazine.  BRW has published its annual list of Australia’s largest 500 private companies by revenue. It is a compilation of private companies across the whole economy. This year’s list included 16 law firms.

According to the BRW list, Gilbert + Tobin’s 370 staff produced $123 million of fees in financial year 2010.  This represents a ratio of close to $332,500 of fees for every member of staff, including lawyers and non-lawyers. 

In terms of this particular measure, Gilbert + Tobin performed better than all of the other 15 law firms in the list.

With 370 people, Gilbert + Tobin is small compared to Australia’s five largest law firms, who each had staff numbers ranging  from 1548 to 1850, according to the BRW report.

Legal Practice Intelligence has estimated that Gilbert + Tobin’s fees to staff ratio was approximately 17% higher than the average of the five largest firms.

One firm’s staff numbers were not provided in the BRW list and an estimate was derived from other sources. The possibility should not be ruled out that there may be even better performing law firms outside of this group of 16 firms.