Smokeball describes ‘Author Chat’ as “the new system that gives you unprecedented access to legal authors. Simply type your question in the ‘Author Chat’ box located within your online publication and our authors will respond within 1 business day!”

Richard Hugo-Hamman, Managing Director LEAP Legal Software Pty Ltd, explains that “Online ‘Author Chat and Feedback’ enables you to provide feedback directly to the author of the guide you are working on to clarify a point of law, raise an issue you have with the content or even request a precedent that you need but cannot find in the guide”.  This gives you “access to qualified and experienced practice support skills constantly striving to improve the usefulness of the guides and precedents.”

Smokeball precedents can be automated by integrating them with LEAP Office software. The company recently marked the milestone of 2,000 firms using LEAP Office. It has been approximately three months since the launch of the new version, LEAP Office 10 and already more than 140 firms have implemented this version. 

Richard Hugo-Hamman has authored a White Paper on how Step-by-Step Legal Practice Guides can help overcome the human resources challenges faced by small law firms.  

Link to ‘Overcome the skills shortage using Step-by-Step Legal Practice Guides’ By Richard Hugo-Hamman