Mills Oakley and ConvX join forces to automate conveyancing

National law firm Mills Oakley is investing in ConvX, which is described by its owners as Australia’s first online, automated conveyancing platform.  Three ‘disruptor-type’ attributes of the service that the company has been promoting are: Parceling out piecework within the transaction to home-based & remote knowledge workers; Delivering lower cost to consumers while maintaining attractive margins and also enabling ConvX to scale with more agility than the traditional employee based model and Integrating with other real estate platforms to create end to end real estate solutions “Until recently, conveyancing has been a cottage industry ripe for disruption,” said Mills Oakley […]

PEXA named 2018 Technology Growth Company of the Year

Property Exchange Australia (PEXA), Australia’s digital settlement platform, was named the Technology Growth Company of the Year at the 2018 Australian Growth Company Awards (AGCAs) at a ceremony in Sydney last night. First held in 2012, the AGCAs celebrate organisations that showcase high rates of growth, innovation, integrity, contribution to community and sustainability. PEXA’s technology enables Australia’s lawyers, conveyancers, banks and land registries to complete property transactions electronically. All parties work together in an online hub, helping avoid potential errors and delays associated with traditional, paper transactions. This allows homebuyers and sellers to benefit from settlement certainty and quicker access […]

Top 5 Tips for Protecting Your Business Against Cybercrime

Smokeball’s top 5 tips to assist you in protecting your business 1. Keep Operating Systems and Software Up-To-Date Keeping your computers and applications up-to-date is one of the best ways to protect your business from being hacked. We know installing updates for your devices can at times be annoying, especially when the update wants to download in the middle of your work. However, failing to regularly update your Operating System and applications can leave you vulnerable to security risks. Hackers, along with malicious programs and viruses, find vulnerabilities in software to access computers, smartphones and tablets.  Installing updates limits these […]

The future is rapidly approaching but are Australasian law firms ready?

by Rafe Berding* It’s clear that the legal industry is evolving. Law firms are adopting new technologies, embracing work-from-home arrangements and offering incentives like shorter work weeks. To get a better understanding of these changes and how readily businesses are adapting to them, GlobalX recently partnered with the Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA) to distribute a market research survey. We gathered responses from 243 law firms across Australia and New Zealand, and now, the results are in. Ready for change When asked if their firm is ready for changes in the legal industry, more than 60 per cent of […]

Therium to Launch Full Service Litigation Funding Operations in Australia in January 2019

Therium Capital Management, a leading provider of litigation finance globally with over $800 million of assets under management, announced today that it is planning to launch a full service offering in Australia on 1 January 2019. Therium Australia will be based in Melbourne. Founded in 2009, Therium Capital Management is one of the largest and most established litigation financing firms in the world. The firm has funded claims valued at $36 billion. Therium’s full service operations in Australia will be headed by Simon Dluzniak, an experienced litigation funding professional, who has worked in the industry in both Australia and the […]

Students in legal app competition improve access to justice

Melbourne Law School students will compete in the 2018 Law Apps Awards Night on Thursday 18 October at Herbert Smith Freehills. Students have been working diligently during the semester in the Law Apps subject in conjunction with seven not-for-profit legal-service organisations to design and build legal expert systems (law apps) that benefit clients and help to address their legal challenges.   Law Apps teacher Gary Cazalet said that today’s lawyers need to think deeper and wider than in the past. “Design thinking is an important skill for graduates as they enter the profession,” Cazalet said. “In Law Apps, students learn to […]

Effective Debtors Management in a Legal Practice

Legal practices are different Debtors collection approaches that are borrowed from other industries will typically fail for a legal practice because legal practices are different. What make them different: 1. Every matter is like a unique journey. Each matter represents a unique combination of lawyer, client, challenges and outcomes; 2. Professionals are naturally inclined to help clients achieve their objectives and naturally disinclined to factor in the financial limitations of clients; 3. Employed lawyers have a tendency to leave debtors issues to others in the firm so that they can get on with their professional work; 4. Every matter has […]

A win for transparency in proposed PEXA public float

Although unofficial news, it is understood that the directors of PEXA have voted to pursue an IPO. An IPO would be the best outcome for the conveyancing industry in terms of transparency. As a public company, PEXA will have to comply with rigorous disclosure and reporting requirements visible to anyone who has an interest in keeping an eye on the company.  Conveyancing professionals and business owners will more easily be able to follow the financial progress of one of their most important business partners. So will PEXA’s imminent competitor, Sympli which is a subsidiary of InfoTrack and ASX, and will […]

Law firm fee earners in North America are billing less than two hours per day

North American based software company, Clio has released its third annual Legal Trends Report which analyses anonymous billing data of almost 70,000 legal professionals. It has found that the average fee earner is billing only 2.4 hours per working day. The average hourly billing rate was US$267 per hour. While 2.4 hours per day may seen shockingly low, it is in line with Clio’s previous years’ analysis and therefore indicates a ‘structural’ issue within the legal services market in North America. Firms using Clio are typically small and solo firms. Taking into account that only 81% of billable hours are […]

A document collaboration tool the legal sector has not seen before

Caseflow is pleased to announce that it is partnering with SMASHDOCs to bring the revolutionary document editing and collaboration solution to the APAC region. SMASHDOCs was launched to the global legal market at the recent ILTA Conference in Washington DC. It was a sensational success and created tremendous interest by its revolutionary approach to the time consuming and laborious task of versioning and reviewing collaborative documents. With SMASHDOCs you can draft, review, and negotiate legal documents of all kinds online with colleagues, clients, and representatives for the other party. It is claimed to be much easier and up to ten times […]