The reputation executioner

When a lawyer’s name is mentioned in a disciplinary matter, it is often made newsworthy regardless of the seriousness of the breach. The internet algorithms become the final executioners and the lawyer’s reputation is shot to pieces. In Australia, the professional bodies and disciplinary boards do a decent job of building a barrier against the search engines but it is only a matter of time until their walls will be breached. Why publish names at all if they don’t come up easily in a regular Google search?  Each State law society and statutory authority that is involved in publishing names […]

The good times rolled-on for US mid-size law firms through 2020 Covid

Average profits-per-equity-partner grew 5.8% in 2020, double the pace of 2019. Lower rate increases (but still increases!) created potentially favorable pricing vs. larger firms Demand finished 2020 on an upward trend, leading to a strong start for 2021   Midsize law firms proved surprisingly resilient through the turmoil of 2020, and according to the 2021 Report on the State of the Midsize Legal Market, issued today by the Thomson Reuters Institute, these firms may possess unique and significant advantages, compared with their larger competitors, as the legal market emerges from the effects of the pandemic. Demand for midsize law firm […]

US$66 million to automate services

Can you automate services? Can you automate legal services? Can you automate legal services without any coding knowledge? Tech company, Bryter believes the answer to all of these questions is yes and has obtained a further US$66 million from sources confident that it can do it. Bryter is not a startup but it is a young company founded in 2018. It already has an impressive list of clients/users. Its latest funding is its largest to date.  Excerpts from official announcement: Enterprise no-code platform BRYTER raises $66 million Series B to accelerate US expansion, led by Tiger Global Pandemic applications have […]

Three reasons why your firm deserves conveyancing technology built for you

By InfoTrack. We all love things built just for us. Whether it be preferred settings on your mobile home screen, ‘recommended viewing’ for your Netflix profile, or your car’s digital dash screen set with your personal preferences. These technology sweeteners have emerged in recent years to improve your experience and to give you back the power to streamline how you do things in your day to save you time. The handling of property matters can vary greatly from state to state and based on whether you are completing a sale, purchase or custom Contract. When it comes to sourcing the […]

For its expense recovery downpour, a leading Australian law law firm turned to Chrome River

When expense recovery processing relies on manual steps, you can be sure that there will be missed recoveries, duplicates, clients undercharged (or overcharged) and staff wondering when they will be reimbursed. Chrome River is the name of the expense recovery system that law firms adopt when they want best-practice, streamlined processing. Hall & Wilcox has shared its experience of upgrading its processes with Chrome River. THE CHALLENGE Prior to Chrome River, Hall & Wilcox used an expense solution that had limited capabilities and lacked integration with its financial system. As a firm with complex billing requirements, the AP team had to […]

Better Briefs, Binders and Bundles: BundlePro Software

LEAP and Fileman have announced the release of a new of a new integrated digital bundling solution called BundlePro that is perfect for the new flexible working arrangements created by the pandemic. Without easy access to scanners and printers, a lot of historically hard-copy based work has shifted online. Sean Conroy, General Manager of Fileman, said “Many law firms have used generic PDF products in the past. In response to feedback from clients we took our PDF research and applied it to helping lawyers create and manipulate digital bundles in a structure that is specifically and only designed for use […]

Onit and NetDocuments Release Seamless Integration to Manage Matters and Documents for Corporate Legal

Onit, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise workflow and artificial intelligence solutions, including enterprise legal management, contract lifecycle management and business process automation, and NetDocuments, the leading secure cloud-based content services platform for law firms, corporate legal teams and compliance departments, today announced a powerful, user-friendly integration for their solutions. “An Onit and NetDocuments integration was a priority for our team to streamline and centralize work, ensure accuracy and increase efficiency,” commented Gregg McConnell, Legal Operations Leader at Corteva Agriscience. “Now, with the help of both Onit and NetDocuments, the integration is user-friendly and incredibly seamless – so much so, […]

Legal and Tech Experts Share Tips for Selecting and Implementing New Technology

By PracticeEvolve. COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on work practices across every industry, and law is no exception. The pandemic has turbocharged technology adoption across the sector, as law firms and corporate legal departments shift to enabling flexible remote working and exploring virtual ways of delivering services. How do firms determine which investment will yield long term results? PracticeEvolve asked several well-respected legal professionals, tech providers and legal IT consultants to share some practical advice on how to select the right vendor and implement technology that will serve law firms in the long-term. Below are excerpts from two must-see […]

Conveyancing: ARNECC has new cyber security obligations. Is your firm compliant?

by InfoTrack. Last month, ARNECC released an updated version 6 of its Model Participation rules where section 7 strictly addresses ‘obligations regarding system security and integrity’ and explains that a Subscriber must “ensure that each of its Users has received training …including cyber security awareness training covering as a minimum: secure use of the ELN, secure use of the Subscriber’s Systems and secure use of email and other electronic communication.” Since May 2020, ARNECC has recommended cyber security training after conducting a security review. The reason being that “Cyber security is of broader relevance to Subscribers and is not limited to […]

Booming employment market in perspective

Job ads are on a sharper upward trend than ever before but is it really a boom? Figures have been released showing that Australia-wide for all occupations, the number of job advertisements (on the internet) was 16% higher in February 2021 compared to February 2020. February 2020 was still pre-Covid. From next month, the previous years comparisons will be to Covid periods.  Job ad numbers in the legal sector have been slower to rise compared to the rest of the economy. However, now solicitor job ads are also rising significantly but still 23% below that of one year ago. In […]