Legal Practice Intelligence has become part of Novum

Legal Practice Intelligence has become part of Novum Learning.  Founded in 2009 by Peter Frankl, has established itself as the go-to source for news and analysis of developments in legal technology and the business of law in Australia. Peter Frankl will continue as Editor-at-large.  This heralds an exciting new phase for Legal Practice Intelligence.  Novum Learning is a worldwide specialist in the legal sector providing services to legal technology businesses and law firms. Shaun Locke, CEO of Novum Learning said “Peter has been a fabulous servant to the industry over the years as Founder and Editor of Legal Practice […]

Property sales glide through lockdown

It is a reflection of our times and technology that property sales can keep ticking over despite lockdown screws tightening. Last year we overcame the challenges of how to work in lockdown and this year we just needed to flick the switch. No lockdown – physical auctions. Lockdown – online auctions. So far, in Sydney and Melbourne, property auction rates are holding up well despite government attempts to crash and burn the economy. Domain reports that auction clearance rates in Sydney and Melbourne last weekend were 75% and 67% respectively. In the week before they were 73% (Sydney) and (76%) […]

Microsoft sneaks in Windows 365 while everyone is still bracing for Windows 11

Brace yourself for Windows 11 [pictured above]. As is usual with Microsoft, just when everyone becomes comfortable with their Windows, which is currently Windows 10 for the vast majority of people, we are coerced into an upgrade.  There’s still a lot of Windows PTSD out there from the time everyone was pushed into Windows Vista. Microsoft has learned from that version upgrade and will probably not be destroying our computers with a Vista-type user experience. For non-technical people the quickest way to explain Windows 11 is that it is an attempt to make Windows look like an Apple operating system. […]

A lot more solicitors than population growth

Over the past nine years (2011 to 2020) there has been a 45% increase in the number of solicitors practising in Australia. Is that a lot? Over the same period Australia’s population has grown by 17%. The increase in the number of solicitors has outpaced general population growth more than 2.5 times. This month, Urbis released its Fifth National Profile Report on the demographics of solicitors in Australia. This report represents a snap shot as at 2020. Previous reports were released for 2011, 2014, 2016 and 2018. 67% of solicitors worked in private practice. The number of private practice solicitors […]

Covid 2.0 Sydney

The NSW and Federal Government will co-fund small and medium business support payments. This support is targeted at NSW entities, including not-for-profits, with an annual turnover between $75,000 and $50 million, and has a turnover that is 30% lower than an equivalent two week period in 2019. Eligible entities will receive 40% of their NSW payroll payments, at a minimum of $1500 and a maximum of $10,000 per week provided they maintain current staffing levels. NSW businesses claim grants between $7,500 and $15,000 to cover the first three weeks of restrictions. A new grants program for micro businesses with a […]

Smarter Drafter makes available its technology platform for law firms to automate documents

The technology used to create Smarter Drafter precedents is now being made available so that law firms can create their own automated intelligent precedents. The technology is called Rulestar. It is offered as a tool to: build smarter forms and automate sophisticated documents easily with [an] unrivalled “no-code” platform that makes automation with complex logic easy for everyone. David Lipworth, founder and Managing Director of Smarter Drafter and Rulestar, told Legal Practice Intelligence: Rulestar is the underlying automation technology that powers Smarter Drafter. We developed the Rulestar technology to power Smarter Drafter. Smarter Drafter provides automated legal documents – i.e. […]

Housing values up 13.5 per cent over financial year

A 13.5% national increase in dwelling values is the highest rate of annual increase since April 2004 according to data from CoreLogic. CoreLogic also reports that the heat is coming out of the market with the June 2021 growth in prices a lower rate of growth than during March and May 2021. CoreLogic estimates that there were approximately 582,900 house and unit sales during the 2020/21 financial year. That is the highest number of sales annually since February 2004. In Sydney, dwelling values increased by 15% over the financial year. Melbourne’s price increase of 7.7% was the lowest rate of […]

New Legal Market Research: The Legal Workflow Management Report Released Today

BigHand has released the Legal Workflow Management Report which it believes to be the largest research project of its kind, gathering data from over 900 senior legal operations, HR and Support Services professionals across the globe. The report shares new insight into law firms’ plans for hybrid working, the allocation, execution and reporting of legal support work, future back-office structural plans and the impact of the pandemic on billable hours and staffing rates.  Below are some key findings from the report. 69% of firms say that their clients expect work to be completed by the most cost-effective resource, but nearly […]

GlobalX merges with Dye & Durham

[pictured: Peter Maloney] GlobalX has merged with global legal technology company Dye & Durham. The acquisition of GlobalX by Dye & Durham comes on the back of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) decision not to oppose the merger with Dye & Durham (TSX: DND), a global leader in legal technology and regulatory information.   Dye & Durham specialises in cloud-based software and technology solutions designed to improve efficiency and increase the productivity of legal, property and business professionals. Dye & Durham acquired GlobalX for $170 million, which continues the run on highly successful Australian technology companies being acquired […]

How to win legal clients in the modern age

By College of Law – and wake up to those old-school marketing fantasies Once Upon A Time, there existed the Yellow Pages. Legal firms need only list their services in this magical book – and lo, the phones would ring.  Today, this fantasy is as dead as the Wicked Witch of the West.  Lawyers can no longer rely on traditional marketing methods to sell their services. Instead, they need to start thinking about their buyers.  In this article, Client Experience experts and The College of Law Training Fellows Vivienne Corcoran and Timothy Corcoran (no relation) explain the importance of the […]