Senators to inquire into flying robotic AI lawyers

By Special Correspondent. I’m just wondering why we don’t already have flying robotic AI lawyers. Surely it’s not because of a lack of cryptocurrency? Apparently I’m not the only one wondering what’s going on. A group of Australian parliamentarians is in the midst of collecting insights from industry participants about FinTech and RegTech. This is the Senate Select Committee on Financial Technology and Regulation Technology. It is an opportunity to tell the government what it should be doing and how it should be spending its (our) money.   Why Senators can’t keep up to date with the news like the rest of […]

Demand for employed lawyers bounces back

The demand for labour in the Australian economy as a whole sharply worsened from around April 2019. The Reserve Bank swung into action with three historic, record interest rates cuts. The official interest rate was 1.5% in May 2019 and then reduced by 0.25% in June and then again by the same amount in July.  The 1% official interest rate played its part in putting a floor under the demand for labour. However, uncharacteristically, the demand for employee solicitors (as measured by the number of job advertisements) deteriorated far worse than job ads for the economy as a whole. By […]

Five ways to meet the needs of your clients this year

By InfoTrack. We are in a time of unprecedented change. As a result, what may have helped an organisation be successful in the past, could potentially be the cause of their failure in the future. Firms need to adapt and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of their clients. Freeing yourself up from time-consuming administration tasks can help you stay relevant and subsequently grow your firm. To get ahead in this new year and new decade: Seek customer feedback If clients aren’t paying for your product, find out why. Is it because they aren’t using or don’t know the value of […]

Law Firm Without Lawyers Needs Lawyers

South west of Darwin NT, in the Collalinga Central shopping centre, is Australia’s most technologically novel law firm, known as Law Firm Without Lawyers.  At Law Firm Without Lawyers, a client can sit down at a computer and draft legal documents such as a Will. Assisting the user is Ailira (Artificially Intelligent Legal Information Resource Assistant), as well as a real human being – a non-lawyer – whose role is to help the client navigate the software. The firm was established in late 2017. A new branch is opening in Karratha, WA and more branches are planned this year in other […]

Starting a law firm – do you have what it takes?

By the College of Law. Let’s get personal. Your law practice will reflect who you are – from the business model you create to the leadership style you adopt. So, before anything else, make time for a self-check and ask yourself if you have what it takes?  Download the Guide to starting a law firm and take your Readiness Self-Assessment Here’s 6 things you might want to think about Make sure the time is right Before you quit your job and sign a lease on a new office, be sure now is the right time to start. Opening a practice […]

Axiom Managed Solutions Relaunches as Factor

Building on its position as a leading provider of solutions for complex legal work at scale within the New Law sector, Axiom Managed Solutions (AMS) today announced the relaunch of the company with a new name  –   Factor – and a new website – The company’s original investors including Benchmark Capital and Carrick Capital are doubling down on the newly branded organization and will remain long-term investors. The moves position the firm for rapid growth as it plans to expand its market position and double in size at a time when clients are eager for proven, practical innovation. This announcement marks the latest chapter in […]

The Future of Atrium

A pivot ends the Atrium law firm experiment. CEO and Co-founder, Justin Kan signals a sharper focus on its software business and a new staffing service beyond legal services. This comes a little over six months after raising US$50 million. The journey so far: 11 July 2017  The Secret Legal-Tech Product with US$10.5m Funding 22 September 2017 The client who birthed a law firm and its legal technology 12 September 2018 Silicon Valley to show the world how to do legal services 10 July 2019 US$50 million to build software for law firms and in-house and now: From The Future […]

New online Wills service gives the 50 per cent of Aussies without one the chance to act today

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers is today urging all Australians over the age of 18 to add drafting a Will to their New Year’s to-do list, saying too many people still did not have a Will despite a Will being vital irrespective of age or financial position Maurice Blackburn national head of Wills and Estates Law Andrew Simpson said more than half of Australians do not have a Will, and the New Year is the perfect time to act on this. “We know from our own research that more than half of Australians do not have a Will and of those, almost […]

Is your client who they say they are? The latest video technology combatting identity fraud scams

by InfoTrack. Last week, the Daily Mail Australia warned Australians of a scam email requesting receivers verify their identity to receive a tax refund. “Australians have been warned to be on high alert as a scam offering a tax refund in the New Year hits hundreds of inboxes around the country. The email read; ‘As a result of examination, we have made adjustments to your income to your tax return for the tax year ending 12-2019. To protect you from identity theft we need to verify your identity before we process the return and issue a refund. Please complete the identity […]

Aylward Game Announces Alignment Of Forces With CastleGate Law

From Official Announcement: Aylward Game Solicitors (AGS) has confirmed it has aligned forces with boutique Gympie law firm CastleGate Law, bringing its Aussie office count up to six and expanding headcount to over 20 people across the country. CastleGate Law is a well-known regional law firm, headquartered in Gympie, QLD. Regional Expansion to Sunshine Coast The move sees AGS expand its location count to six, with the new Gympie and Sunshine Coast offices joining offices in Brisbane and Mackay Family Lawyers, with plans to open in Gladstone, Rockhampton and Far North QLD in 2020. The addition of the new team from CastleGate […]