Collecting debtors is probably the least desirable task that exists in business. The more automation and the less emotion the better.

An Australian startup company has created the-easiest-to-use workflow software to help businesses achieve the elusive goal of automating their collections procedures.

If you are a law firm using specialised law firm accounting software, you’re probably going to be disappointed because you won’t be able to use this new product yet. However read on because it should give you some ideas on how you can automate your debtor collections workflows.

If your debtors records are in Xero or MYOB, then your collections turmoil may be coming to an end thanks to the new online product called ezyCollect. It is cloud based software that integrates directly with a XERO or MYOB data file.

ezyCollect is a Sydney based startup that closed a $1.25 million seed round last year.


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