LEAP and Fileman have announced the release of a new of a new integrated digital bundling solution called BundlePro that is perfect for the new flexible working arrangements created by the pandemic. Without easy access to scanners and printers, a lot of historically hard-copy based work has shifted online.

Sean Conroy, General Manager of Fileman, said “Many law firms have used generic PDF products in the past. In response to feedback from clients we took our PDF research and applied it to helping lawyers create and manipulate digital bundles in a structure that is specifically and only designed for use in legal practice. This specialisation allows us to create much more useful tools.

Also, creating bundles in the traditional way, particularly dealing with copying, numbering, last minute changes, and distribution to other parties is time consuming and demanding and therefore and costly for the clients of law firms. BundlePro makes the task a lot easier to do, very much quicker and a lot more accurate.

Firms that are manually paginating or labouring over PDF software can literally save hours and even days completing this task and importantly have a beautifully organised searchable PDF document for lawyers to use. This instant access to the highest quality documents will provide lawyers with a competitive advantage particularly when in court.”

Court books, briefs, affidavits and lists of exhibits

BundlePro allows you to meet court requirements for creating legal document bundles such as court books, briefs, affidavits, lists of exhibits and the like – and all deeply integrated with your matters in LEAP using the power of the LEAP API.


BundlePro will perform auto pagination, with options to customise output and includes Bates numbering and is designed to handle new insertions and amendments without any of the stress or drama that inevitably arises with more manual methods.

Documents required can be easily pulled in direct from the LEAP digital matter or from any other folder structure. The entire process occurs in the cloud in your browser. Compiling the document bundle is a visual process that enables speedy and error-free compilation. 

Indexes are hyperlinked for finding pages instantaneously. BundlePro will OCR pages so that you can also use PDF find-functionality.

Another time-saving feature is that non-PDF originals such as emails, zip files and spreadsheets are converted to PDF by BundlePro itself, massively simplifying the transition of original formats to PDF.

Each bundle can be based on a template for the specific requirements of the court for which it is being created or to the user’s preference.

A Best Practice tool

In its broadest sense, BundlePro is a publishing tool designed specifically to help law firms adopt a Best Practice approach to all its bundling requirements.  Its uses are not limited to litigation. It can be used whenever multiple items need to be compiled into a convenient single file.

According to Donna Broadley, CEO of LEAP, “Lawyers are incredibly busy at the moment, and are having to re-invent traditional approaches to many tasks. Often lawyers are having to do work that in the past they would have delegated. BundlePro makes it easy for lawyers to do this work from wherever they are working on that day. It allows lawyers to focus on the legal issues and minimise administrative time which often cannot be charged for properly. This is a tremendous innovation for our clients.

You can find BundlePro in your LEAP software matter as a button. A click from the matter will launch the software and enable you to start compiling the legal document bundle with files in your LEAP matter.

Learn more at www.bundlepro.com.au or contact LEAP to activate BundlePro.