Bighand, a global software company offering voice, workflow and document production solutions to the legal market, has today announced an integration with iManage Work 10. The integration further strengthens a longstanding business partnership that was formed to make it easy for users to create, store and manage high-quality legal documents.

iManage Work 10 is the newest version of iManage’s industry-leading work product management system. At the heart of iManage Work 10 is a new, powerful and modern user experience that empowers professionals to easily work from any device — desktops, phones and tablets.

By automating much of the document profiling process and giving users access to a range of powerful styling and formatting tools, the BigHand Create and iManage Work 10 integration significantly improves the quality and efficiency of the document production process, regardless of the users’ level of experience. By retrieving client data from the iManage database and inserting it into the correct BigHand Create template fields automatically, the integration significantly reduces the chance of human error and ensures all documents are profiled and stored correctly. Firms also have the flexibility to enforce profiling rules per document type, so not just one, but all versions of a document can be saved against the correct iManage record.

For users’, creating a new document is much simpler with the integration as profiling is automated from the point of selecting the iManage workspace and folder. In addition, users can easily ‘stamp’ documents with key identifying information like author and creation date, as well as data from any custom iManage field, with BigHand DocID. This means firm can reference documents in a consistent manner with minimal effort.