Named docWorks, the Cabenet document management hub enables users to create merged documents using Matter Register details,  integrate with existing practice templates and other information sources and also create specialised practice documents such as Safe Custody Registers and Matter Timelines.

docWorks combines with cabenet TRX legal practice accounting, Office Calendar and myTime recording to form one integrated online practice management platform that supports law firms in managing key practice financial and matter management functions.

Documents are saved to users’ local computer devices and also in a cloud repository which synchronises and does backups of all documents to ensure all users have access to the latest version from anywhere and at anytime.

Dropbox provides the cloud storage platform that supports Cabenet docWorks information storage and sharing.

Also launched is Office Calendar (OC) which integrates Cabenet with Google online calendar. Registered users can view when a lawyer or other staff is free or busy. Users can access the office and personal appointment schedules on the go to check availability.

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