Three years into Johnson Winter & Slattery’s (JWS) use of the iManage document management system, Ross Forgione, Chief Information Officer of JWS says “looking at the products that are in the market place right now, I can’t imagine not being on the iManage platform.” 

Surveying the users before selecting the new document management system (DMS)

Forgione conducted a firm-wide survey asking what features were most important in a new DMS and placed this data into a results traceability matrix. During the RFP process, this information was used to whittle down an initial list of ten vendors to just three. Ultimately, iManage emerged as the clear winner.

“iManage met all of our requirements based on the features we identified as most important to our firm,” said Forgione. “Beyond the functionality of the product, we were impressed by iManage as a company: their position in the market, financial stability, ability to execute and reputation. The fact that they had 17 of the top 20 law firms in Australia and glowing reviews from existing clients was also a plus. It became quite an easy choice to make in the end.”

Knowledge management

JWS sees additional areas for iManage to add value throughout the firm as the deployment expands. “We have big plans for iManage Share and we’re also excited for iManage Insight, which will strengthen our existing knowledge management processes,” said Forgione. “With their recent purchase of RAVN Systems, iManage is making some impressive investments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Those capabilities are a real game-changer as far as allowing us to analyze and extract more value from the millions of documents we’ve accumulated over 20 years. Unlocking that cache of information allows us to compete more effectively with other firms. It’s just one more way I see iManage taking us above where we are now.”

Read more details about JWS’s iManage journey in a newly released case study (PDF)

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