Ten marketing tactics to implement now in your legal practice

Listen to Garth Brown’s ten marketing tactics. The list 1. A Client Centric Website – What to include and what works?  2. How to use Social Media – a proven method on facebook and LinkedIn 3. A Client Centric App – How to go about it and what works 4. The best way to keep in regular touch with past and current clients Bankers 5. Pricing and quoting 6. Client Testimonials  7. E books for Buyers & Sellers Guides  8. Awards – where to display and how to drive business from Awards!  9. Public Speaking – who to target 10. […]

FilePro solves document collaboration chaos

FilePro Document Review can be used to untangle your firm’s internal document collaboration processes Working on documents internally with colleagues can create a more chaotic and confusing situation a lot quicker than collaborating on documents with external parties. Internal staff usually have quicker and easier access to documents compared to a controlled sharing of a document with a client. A document can become a mess of multiple versions, or a lack of versions with changes from multiple people, until it becomes easier to scrap all the changes and start again from scratch, wasting a huge amount of time, effort and […]