Important property update

Key Points from Macquarie Group: 1. Before Covid: strong growth in house prices – particularly Sydney and Melbourne 2. After Covid: listing numbers fell sharply but now back to average levels of last year 3. Rising unemployment and reduced migration – affecting demand for rental properties 4. Mortgage rates down and affordability up 5. Macquarie predicts current interest rates should continue for two to three years 6. Dwelling prices have fallen only 2% – 4% depending on area of Australia. This is a mild fall under the circumstances 7. Macquarie predicts that the government would intervene if dwelling values were […]

Solved: how a law firm can get paid and retain the client at the same time

Lawyers: end conflict in getting paid for your services. There is a better way than debtors collections. Peter Frankl (editor of Legal Practice Intelligence) interviews Richard Hugo-Hamman of LEAP Legal Software about instalment plans set up through RapidPay. Predictable revenue and cashflow is achievable. Learn more here

Skier, Triathlete, Lawyer and Legal Practice Innovator – Justin Betar

Lawyer Justin Betar shares his experience as a recognised innovator in using technology in legal practice. Justin is also a triathlete and skier. He talks to Jane Oxley (Smokeball Software) and Peter Frankl (Editor – Legal Practice Intelligence) about the interplay between sporting activity, great software and success in legal practice. Smokeball Software Betar Lawyers

Secrets of an award winning – Great Place to Work – company – Smokeball Software

Jane Oxley shares what it takes to be a Great Place to Work company. How to listen to staff and how to excel in a virtual, remote working environment. Plus a bonus: the latest updates from Smokeball product development including certification of Smokeball Trust Accounting.

Internal team communications – before, during and after any pandemic – path to success

By Jane Oxley* of Smokeball software Enough with the emails! With many of us working from home right now, most law firms we’re speaking to are telling us that they have more emails than ever at this time. Not only do they have their normal overwhelming number of emails, now they also have most of the internal conversations through email too. Responding to emails promptly, filing emails against a matter, finding the right email when you need it, is already extremely difficult and time consuming for firms (especially if they’re not using a system like Smokeball to auto-file them against […]