Most optimistic home price gains in 2020 for Queensland

A positive prediction for conveyancing in 2020 Westpac analysis predicts continued price growth for properties across Australia. As long as prices are not falling, sales volumes and conveyancing can expect increased activity. According to Westpac predictions, Queensland homes are likely to see the biggest percentage price gains in 2020, partly because the state has lagged the price growth of New South Wales and Victoria. If the Australia-wide prediction is realised, it will likely be modest price gains, as the recent factors that have caused price booms, especially in Sydney and Melbourne, have already flowed through the property market.  

Cybersecurity from every angle

What do the following people think about Cybersecurity, its legal, community and practice of law consequences? LexisNexis has published, in podcast form, the panel discussions that took place at its 2019 Roadshow events. Visit the podcast page here • Ben Cornish (SAAB Security) • Yvonne Sears (IS Defence / Australian Women in Security) • Daniel Kiley (HWL Ebsworth) • John MacPhail (Lynch Meyer) • Dr Guido Governatori (Data61) • Alex Hutchens (McCullough Robertson) • John Swinson (King & Wood Mallesons) • Edwina Morris (Vocus Group) • Tim Dingwall (Griffin Legal) • Ravi de Fonseka (Johnson Winter & Slattery) • Cheng Lim (King & Wood Mallesons) • Dr Suelette Dreyfus (University of Melbourne) […]

Artificial Intelligence lease management system receives multiple accolades at iAwards

“Australia’s first artificial intelligence-powered lease management platform received multiple commendations at the NSW iAwards late last week, with the program billed to revolutionise the lease administration procedure. “Developed in partnership with LeaseInfo and CSIRO’s Data61 with support from the NSW Government, ‘Accurait‘ uses text classification tools, optical character recognition (OCR) and LeaseInfo’s own metadata to drastically reduce the document-intensive process of commercial lease abstraction by at least 30 minutes per lease.” Read more      

The Supreme Podcast

The Supreme Court of Victoria has launched a podcast named Gertie’s Law. The three episodes so far have been: The Court; Crime and Punishment and The Most Difficult Things (covering Sentencing). Gertie’s Law podcast has come into existence following the express permission of Chief Justice Anne Ferguson. Some of the content is explicit and the podcast comes with a warning. Who is Gertie? Listen to Episode 1 below and if you can’t wait, skip to 44mins for the answer. All episodes can be found here: