The Supreme Podcast

The Supreme Court of Victoria has launched a podcast named Gertie’s Law. The three episodes so far have been: The Court; Crime and Punishment and The Most Difficult Things (covering Sentencing). Gertie’s Law podcast has come into existence following the express permission of Chief Justice Anne Ferguson. Some of the content is explicit and the podcast comes with a warning. Who is Gertie? Listen to Episode 1 below and if you can’t wait, skip to 44mins for the answer. All episodes can be found here:

Update on the Google seed-funded project for Justice Connect

[note: poor sound quality] Justice Connect describes the project Starting with $250,000 of seed-funding from Google in early 2017 we set out to redesign the way we work. Our Gateway Project will see us develop a suite of products, each targeted at addressing particular issues. Our online intake tool, already launched, helps people quickly and easily understand whether they are eligible for our services, and make a full application online. Our referral tool will help our sector colleagues understand when we can help, and easily warm-refer clients deep into our system, reducing referral drop-out. Our pro bono portal will revolutionise the way we work with […]

Watch: document assembly – no hands

Smarter Drafter is an Australian-based legaltech company which offers both the ‘legal’ and the ‘tech’ in its legaltech products. Smarter Drafter offers a set of precedents across a wide range of practice areas combined with new-generation document assembly functionality. The company is always following the latest trends in how technology can be utilised in document workflows. In the video below, Adam Long of Smarter Drafter demonstrates what can be achieved with Alexa. Learn more at

Litigation funder heavyweight enters Australian market

An interview with Burford Capital CEO Chris Bogart upon its entry into the Australian litigation funding market. On the topic of Burford’s impact on Australian class actions, Mr. Bogart, invoking Burford’s funding of a shareholder class action against AMP Ltd., points out: “[Burford has] already done an enormous public service in Australia by significantly reducing the burden the injured shareholders have in paying for bringing their case in the first place.” ABC News