Watch: document assembly – no hands

Smarter Drafter is an Australian-based legaltech company which offers both the ‘legal’ and the ‘tech’ in its legaltech products. Smarter Drafter offers a set of precedents across a wide range of practice areas combined with new-generation document assembly functionality. The company is always following the latest trends in how technology can be utilised in document workflows. In the video below, Adam Long of Smarter Drafter demonstrates what can be achieved with Alexa. Learn more at

Litigation funder heavyweight enters Australian market

An interview with Burford Capital CEO Chris Bogart upon its entry into the Australian litigation funding market. On the topic of Burford’s impact on Australian class actions, Mr. Bogart, invoking Burford’s funding of a shareholder class action against AMP Ltd., points out: “[Burford has] already done an enormous public service in Australia by significantly reducing the burden the injured shareholders have in paying for bringing their case in the first place.” ABC News  

Faster, more efficient, friendlier than a court

In November 2018, we reported on the soon-to-be-launched-service, Immediation – the Online Dispute Resolution service founded by Laura Keily and Claire Bibby. Their goal is to establish a dispute resolution service that has stripped out the problems of the existing court system and will better meet the needs of corporate Australia. The video below gives an overview of how the service will operate.  

Kennedys DIY Insurance litigation service now being adapted for Australia

KLAiM, Kennedys’ virtual defence lawyer that allows clients to take more control over litigation, is being rolled out internationally and also to new lines. KLAiM 4 is the latest version of its online litigation system designed to help clients use lawyers less. Using the collective knowhow of hundreds of Kennedys’ lawyers, it allows clients to deal with litigation without needing to use a lawyer. According to Kennedys, UK clients are settling in excess of 80% of their claims inside the system without the need for a lawyer at all. The web-based platform provides built-in templates and guidance notes that navigate […]

European startup creates app to enable binding contracts by video

According to the company: Lexigogo video contracts are electronic documents signed with electronic signatures and are therefore legally binding for most personal and business transactions around the world (including the United States, the European Union, Canada, Australia, Russia and India).  Lexigogo video contracts have been developed so that: A signer can uniquely be identified A signer can be uniquely linked to a signature The signers have access to their contracts at any time Effective contracts cannot be altered or tampered with More at