Are we all in this together? And how law firms can help …

Not another opinion piece on Covid or the impacts on society…I hear you thinking over your takeaway or homemade coffee – I hope that it’s a good one! Nope – I want to talk about technology literacy. Last week on LinkedIn I raised a topic on technology literacy and the disparity in the community.  That got me thinking about how the legal profession can potentially help in creating the level of technology literacy within the community. It’s a fair assumption that Australia is online given the results of a pre-covid ABS Survey indicating that a minimum of 82% of households […]

InfoTrack Australia awarded 6th Great Place to Work in 2021

InfoTrack has today ranked 6th Great Place to Work Australia in an online awards ceremony. Moving up a whopping 18 places in the category of 100-999 employees, InfoTrack has been ranked as a Great Place to Work for the second year running against hundreds of nominated organisations across Australia. The prestigious annual list, published by Great Place to Work Australia, is based on survey results of employees from around the country benchmarked against other participating organisations. This year, the award recognises flexibility as organisations have had to navigate the changing environment, adjusting to a mix of face to face and […]

Legal Practice Intelligence announcements

LPI news Emburse Chrome River now sponsors of LPI We are delighted to announce Emburse Chrome River as a new sponsor of LPI. Emburse Chrome River is famous for its AP automation and employee expense automation, purpose-built for law firms. Thanks to Sarah Dart, Kathleen Mirabal & Erin Mills for their support.     LPI is now a media partner of TechLaw.Fest 2021 We are thrilled to be nominated as a TechLaw.Fest 2021 Media Partner. Leaders from EY, Alibaba, and Deloitte join TechLaw.Fest 2021. Engage in conversations on trends, challenges, and opportunities across four key pillars: legal operations, technology of […]

Accident victims accessing legal services as easy as ordering an uber and keeping 100%

US law firm B.B Legal at has used technology and experience to make the process of accessing Legal Services as easy as ordering an Uber or getting an online loan. According to the website – victims of accidents will get to keep 100% of settlements if this settles within 90 days of the demand if the claim qualifies. Using automated workflows means that this firm can easily qualify claims, collect information needed and communicate key information back to the parties involved by text or email and phone when needed. Consumer type workflows means a familiar process and speed […]

triSearch named Legal Tech Scaleup of the Year

triSearch has been named the Legal Tech Scaleup of the year at the YBF’s Lift Off Awards last night. The awards recognises companies that celebrate gender and cultural diversity and that are continually making a positive impact in the technology sector. This is the second Legaltech award presented to triSearch in 2021 as they were recently named startup of the year in the Law Category at the Australian Digital Technology Awards in May. In her acceptance speech, triSearch CEO Taylah Allen stated “We are very proud and excited to receive this award as we pride ourselves on the cultural diversity we […]

**Breakthrough** Global technology certification for lawyers

Microlearning course provider, Novum Learning announces its alliance with LTC4 (Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition), an established non-profit organization providing core competency learning plans and a certification program that has become established as a standard for the legal industry around the world. The alliance will help to address the ongoing requirement for lawyers and their support staff to improve technology skills through the delivery of high-quality microlearning courses structured around LTC4’s workflow-based Learning Plans. These courses will address skill gaps around technology usage leading to productivity gains as well as offering the benefit of LTC4 Certification for aspiring professionals within […]

Legal Practice Intelligence has become part of Novum

Legal Practice Intelligence has become part of Novum Learning.  Founded in 2009 by Peter Frankl, has established itself as the go-to source for news and analysis of developments in legal technology and the business of law in Australia. Peter Frankl will continue as Editor-at-large.  This heralds an exciting new phase for Legal Practice Intelligence.  Novum Learning is a worldwide specialist in the legal sector providing services to legal technology businesses and law firms. Shaun Locke, CEO of Novum Learning said “Peter has been a fabulous servant to the industry over the years as Founder and Editor of Legal Practice […]

Property sales glide through lockdown

It is a reflection of our times and technology that property sales can keep ticking over despite lockdown screws tightening. Last year we overcame the challenges of how to work in lockdown and this year we just needed to flick the switch. No lockdown – physical auctions. Lockdown – online auctions. So far, in Sydney and Melbourne, property auction rates are holding up well despite government attempts to crash and burn the economy. Domain reports that auction clearance rates in Sydney and Melbourne last weekend were 75% and 67% respectively. In the week before they were 73% (Sydney) and (76%) […]

Microsoft sneaks in Windows 365 while everyone is still bracing for Windows 11

Brace yourself for Windows 11 [pictured above]. As is usual with Microsoft, just when everyone becomes comfortable with their Windows, which is currently Windows 10 for the vast majority of people, we are coerced into an upgrade.  There’s still a lot of Windows PTSD out there from the time everyone was pushed into Windows Vista. Microsoft has learned from that version upgrade and will probably not be destroying our computers with a Vista-type user experience. For non-technical people the quickest way to explain Windows 11 is that it is an attempt to make Windows look like an Apple operating system. […]

Smarter Drafter makes available its technology platform for law firms to automate documents

The technology used to create Smarter Drafter precedents is now being made available so that law firms can create their own automated intelligent precedents. The technology is called Rulestar. It is offered as a tool to: build smarter forms and automate sophisticated documents easily with [an] unrivalled “no-code” platform that makes automation with complex logic easy for everyone. David Lipworth, founder and Managing Director of Smarter Drafter and Rulestar, told Legal Practice Intelligence: Rulestar is the underlying automation technology that powers Smarter Drafter. We developed the Rulestar technology to power Smarter Drafter. Smarter Drafter provides automated legal documents – i.e. […]