Important Indicator Pointing to Lower Conveyancing Volumes

Original research conducted by Legal Practice Intelligence has shown a correlation between the rate of change in property prices and the level of conveyancing activity.  In January 2009 we reported that “Australia-wide (on average) property prices rose faster in 2007 than in any year since 2004. This coincided in 2007 with an upswing in conveyancing activity. The same appears to have occurred in the earlier part of the decade, most notably 2002 and 2003, which also had similar healthy upswings in conveyancing, coinciding also with rapidly rising property prices.”  “The correlation between sales and prices was confirmed in 2008 when […]

Slater & Gordon Now Speaks Seven Languages

Slater & Gordon has launched the ‘We Speak Your Language’ program. It features a free hotline where non-English speakers can access legal information in any language. Slater & Gordon’s service also provides lawyer and client cultural matching, and a translation and interpreter service. Slater & Gordon managing director Andrew Grech, the son of Maltese immigrants, said the firm recognised that people from non-English speaking backgrounds often struggled to access legal help. “We’re aware that our migrant population may miss out on justice or legal help, and that’s because it’s often difficult for non-English speakers to contact a lawyer when they need assistance,” […]

An Innovative Way to Build a Franchise Law Practice

Melbourne law firm Franchise Legal is a specialist in Franchising and practises exclusively in this field. The firm advises franchisors, franchisees and suppliers to the franchise industry. The principal of the firm Ilya Furman is offering an innovative arrangement to other law firms who wish to build their own franchise law practice as an extension of their current commercial practice. Franchise Legal has structured the opportunity as a franchise agreement. Law firms can become franchisees of Franchise Legal in order to benefit from collaboration and client referrals. The firm has a strong reputation in the sector and engages in a […]

E-Conveyancing – A New Team Gets Down to Business

Three States (NSW, Vic and Qld) have funded the establishment of the company that is expected to deliver a national electronic conveyancing system. The company is National E-Conveyancing Development Limited (NECDL). NECDL Chairman Alan Cameron and chief executive officer Marcus Price presented an outline business plan for the company via a webcast on 20 July 2010.   Mr Cameron said “We’re now focused on delivery whereas a lot of the previous activity was focused on analysis.” The previous activity had a life of about 5 years. The key message was that NECDL will become a self-funding business that will provide E-Conveyancing […]

Finding a Specialist Lawyer has Now Been Simplified with a New Internet Directory

When young Perth Lawyer Auguste Hocking needed to find specialist lawyers on behalf of clients, he was surprised at how difficult it was. His experience was that the current directories were either too cumbersome or they were designed primarily for consumers. Internet searching did not deliver the results either. His solution: build a better directory, which he did and which is now open for business at The standout feature of the directory is its simplicity. The layout is designed for a fast browse-type search with everything in sight on the start page. There is a search box as well […]

A Small Law Firm Redefines What is Possible in Practice Management

There have always been two ways to run a legal practice, the old-fashioned way and the contemporary way but now, thanks to a small law firm in Sydney Australia, there is the Bransgrove way. The Bransgrove way defies categorisation. There are elements of the old-fashioned, elements of the contemporary and elements of the completely unique. The word innovation comes to mind. You will find more innovation in this law firm than you will find in almost any other. However, the Bransgrove way is not about innovation for innovation’s sake. It is about mastery. The question then becomes mastering what and […]

The Innovative Talking Website of Law Partners

If you have never seen this feature on a law firm website, you might be initially startled. However, looking beyond the novelty element reveals the perfectly sensible reasons for implementing it.  A website is all about communication. For example, when you land on the Law Partners home page, the video presenter tells you the message that Law Partners wants to convey to you. The same message in text relies on the visitor noticing the words and then reading them. It is impossible not to notice a video message. Moving from one page to another, the video presenter tells you where you are on […]

30+ Lawyer Tasmanian Firm Joins M+K Group

Hobart based Dobson Mitchell & Allport is one of Tasmania’s largest commercial and litigation law practices. Servicing all areas of Tasmania, the firm has more than 30 lawyers, 4 paralegals plus support staff. The firm has announced: “… from 1 July 2010, the DM&A practice will be conducted as an incorporated practice by Dobson Mitchell & Allport Pty Ltd.  This company has joined the M+K Lawyers group. This group is based around Macpherson + Kelley Lawyers, a long established Victorian commercial firm that, like DM&A, specialises in advising businesses, business people and their professional advisers.”   “M+K Lawyers group has […]

A Big Firm’s Reputation is at Risk as Small Firm Launches Class Action

Legal Practice Intelligence has previously reported on the dispute resolution scheme that Slater & Gordon negotiated for Storm Financial victims who had loans with the Commonwealth Bank. The dispute resolution scheme came to the attention of Stewart Levitt, principal of small firm Levitt Robinson, who formed the view that Storm Financial victims could do a lot better than what was provided for in the scheme.  After many months of lead-up, Levitt Robinson has now launched the threatened class action by filing a Statement of Claim in the Federal Court. The class action, while critically important to the parties involved, will […]

Lawyers Real Estate Appears on Today Tonight

Peter Mericka achieved a huge and positive response from the television program’s viewers following a recent segment on the real estate industry. The segment contrasted the differences between using a real estate agent to sell a property versus using Lawyers Real Estate. Peter Mericka is the founder of Lawyers Real Estate, a legal practice that provides a flat fee sale and conveyancing service to property vendors, cutting out the need to use a real estate agent. Link to view television segment Read viewers’ response to the television segment  Peter Mericka (pictured right top and bottom) appearing on Channel 7’s Today Tonight Practice Intelligence Australia – January to June 2010 Archive (member […]