LegalEdge to Accelerate Product Development Following Merger

             On 1 April CentraLegal Pty Ltd (LegalEdge) joined forces with Custom First Australia and New Zealand to form Legal First Pty Ltd. This has increased the support team working on LegalEdge to six. Custom First is the company that has been supporting the CLO system.  Over the next few weeks the LegalEdge website and logos will be updated.  The new team is currently working on version 2 of LegalEdge. V2 is a speed improvement and a visual make-over that will be introduced in planned stages between now and June 30.  The upgrade plan includes: •The core database (mySQL) to be […]

Lawyers for the New Economy

Sydney law firm Truman Hoyle has positioned itself as “legal and regulatory advisers to the new economy”. The new economy includes activity at the cutting edge of information and communications technology. One of the areas that the firm has targeted is cloud computing. The firm recently executed an exemplary campaign to promote its expertise in this field: – Authoring a research paper / white paper on cloud computing contracts – Orchestrating an event to launch the paper – Inviting influential industry people to speak at the event – Having the event reported by a widely-read website (with video excerpts) – […]

Conveyancing Volume Indicators Pointing to Continued Weakness

Charts released by the Reserve Bank this week provide a graphical representation of continued weakness in dwelling prices and housing loan approvals. Research conducted by Legal Practice Intelligence over the last two years has shown that when home prices are not increasing, the volume of sales activity becomes flat or decreases. This week the Reserve Bank kept the official cash rate at its current level of 4.75%. This could provide some incentive for home buyers to borrow and liven up the property market. However there are still too many economic commentators saying that the next interest rate move will be up, […]

Slater & Gordon Partners With The World’s First Social Network About End-Of-Life Matters

Slater & Gordon has joined forces with the new online self help service,, to provide estate and wills advice to people who are dealing with the affairs of recently deceased family or friends., which launched its website last week, provides advice to people who are planning their own estate or finalising affairs of someone who has recently died. Mr Rod Cunich, Slater & Gordon wills and estates legal expert, said that the property of almost half the nation’s adult population is not protected by a will.  As part of the partnership with, Slater & Gordon will provide […]

Attorney-General launches new Collaborative Practice Guidelines

The Commonwealth Attorney-General, the Hon Robert McClelland, has launched Collaborative Practice Guidelines.  Mr McClelland said “the continued development of collaborative law goes hand in hand with the efforts of the Commonwealth Government to encourage people to resolve disputes early and at the lowest possible level.”  The Guidelines were developed by the Law Council of Australia and its Collaborative Practice Committee, whose membership includes legal practitioners, academics and collaborative professionals throughout Australia.  Law Council President, Alexander Ward, said the Guidelines represented an important step in the evolution of collaborative practice, which was still a relatively new concept within Australia.  “Collaborative practice […]

E-Conveyancing – Heading Towards Partial to Majority Bank Ownership

National E-Conveyancing Development Limited (NECDL) Chairman Alan Cameron and CEO Marcus Price provided an update on the activities of NECDL via a 15 minute webcast. Alan Cameron said that the business case demonstrated that it was not necessary or even desirable to seek to fund the platform solely from government funds. “We have been now [and] for some time in close discussion with various financial institutions that we are hoping and expecting will contribute the funds necessary to develop the platform” said Mr Cameron. Marcus Price provided a six month look ahead at the activities of NECDL. Within the next 6 […]

Technology and Innovation – A NZ Law Firm’s Success Story

Australian law firms will naturally look to the US and the UK to find out about the latest in innovation and technology as applied to legal practice. Last week, attendees at the Sinch Online Legal Services Conference in Sydney learned that they should be looking much closer to home.  Presenting at the conference was a small New Zealand criminal law firm that explained how it was succeeding in harnessing the power of the internet across a broad range of marketing and practice management functions. Auckland barrister Melanie Coxon is the principal of the firm which has an online presence as  […]

An Australian First: Nationwide Online Conveyancing Service® has become the first legal practice in Australia to offer conveyancing services online in every state and territory.  Anyone with access to the internet can now arrange conveyancing online regardless of their location or the location of the property.® was launched in the ACT and NSW in June 2003.  Queensland was added in 2004 and the service was extended to Victoria, SA and Tasmania in 2009.® commenced in the Northern Territory in 2010 and with the extension of the service to WesternAustralia today,® has become Australia’s first online national conveyancing service. By logging onto the web site and following the easy prompts, a […]

The Law Firm Staff-Recruitment Secret is Out

A recruitment agency was used in all of the examples below: A  55 person NSW regional law firm found a junior lawyer to work in their family law division, choosing from dozens of candidates, with a recruitment cost of just over $1,100. A four lawyer Brisbane CBD firm recently recruited a personal assistant/legal secretary, attracting over 30 candidates at a low cost of just over $1,700. A family lawyer for a firm in a large Queensland town was recruited with an entire campaign cost of $3,000. A Northern Territory Community Legal Service was able to recruit a principal solicitor for a […]