National – News from the 36th Australian Legal Convention in Perth

Read about Federal Attorney-General Robert McLelland’s  outbursts criticising the legal profession and current state of regulation, a new role for consumers of legal services and about New South Wales’ Lawcover itching to compete nationwide for the PI insurance pot of gold. Read the text of the Chief Justice of Western Australia’s speech on “The future of regulating the Legal Profession: Is the Profession Over Regulated?”

National – Banks are key to acceptance of E-Conveyancing

Alan West CEO NSW Division of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers, writing in their Journal (2nd Issue 2009), states: “the main drivers of acceptance of electronic conveyancing will be the banks” and “the main reason the system designed for Victoria  has not worked … is because the main banks want a national system and refuse to get involved with a ‘State’ based system”.

E-Conveyancing Roadshow

The National Electronic Conveyancing Office has launched a nationwide roadshow themed “Workshop about Electronic Conveyancing” however cynics might label this a public relations drive following the financial and political stumbling blocks encountered in recent months.