Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers invest in BigHand technology to help support a culture of financial awareness

Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers has invested in BigHand technology to gain an understanding of their financial data and profitability drivers. Established in 1900 Colin Biggers & Paisley has evolved from a boutique practice in Sydney to a national legal practice with international reach. Over the past 10 years the practice has more than doubled in size. It now has over 470 employees, offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, and a record of excellence and high partner engagement. As part of the legal practice’s three-year IT Transformation project, Colin Biggers & Paisley made the decision to invest in two of […]

Why e-signing is just as valid as the ink on paper process

By InfoTrack. E-signatures are fast becoming a way to agree to contractual documentation. In August, InfoTrack conducted a survey asking our clients what they would like to learn more about to increase efficiencies and make their firm more productive. 58% of respondents said e-signing would be a key contributor to helping them service their clients better.  To keep up with client demand and deliver on the 24/7 nature of doing business, InfoTrack developed SignIT, electronic signing software facilitated through DocuSign, the market-leader in eSignatures. Electronic signatures are only going to become more common. However, as not everyone is using e-signing […]

Online dispute resolution platform launches

Immediation is a private and confidential online dispute resolution platform, aiming to provide a low-cost, easy, secure, quick and highly efficient method of resolving commercial disputes as an alternative to long and expensive court processes. Immediation has raised $1.8 million in funding to date, including from investors such as boutique investment firm SG Hiscock, corporate broker Patersons Securities and advisory firm Alto Capital. Founded by commercial barrister Laura Keily – says the launch of the company is the culmination of 2.5 years of development, including an extensive pilot client program with top general counsel from over 20 companies including Coca-Cola […]

Residential tenancy agreements to be executed as digital smart contracts

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) is aiming to deliver the world’s first fully digitised residential tenancy agreements. REIQ plans to make residential tenancy agreements able to be executed as a digital smart contract in Queensland by the end of this year. The groundbreaking system has the potential to transform the way that tenancy agreements are transacted across the nation and around the globe, and create an unparalleled, real-time database of rental prices and trends. REIQ General Manager Josh Callaghan said the revolutionary product benefited all parties to the agreement by providing more transparency and enabling new functions that […]

Five year old contract management company raises US$50 million

Ironclad, the company founded in 2014 has raised US$50 million in Series C Financing. On 2 August 2017 the company raised US$8 million. At the time the company announced: “Armed with $8 million in new Series A funding, Ironclad today unveiled a groundbreaking SaaS platform that turns contracts into code, radically streamlining the way corporations create, store, and leverage contracts as intelligence assets.”  The company had raised US$3 million prior to its August 2017 funding. In January 2019 it raised US$23 million in a round led by Sequoia. At least US$84 million has been invested into Ironclad. Why? Before we try to answer […]

PEXA Key mitigates million-dollar email phishing crisis impacting Australia’s $7T property industry

Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) is tackling cyber-crime head-on with the launch of its new app – PEXA Key – which provides a safe channel for home sellers to provide bank details to their property lawyer or conveyancer in completing their property settlement. With thousands of victims falling prey to email phishing scams each year and nearly half of all companies Australia-wide hit by cyber-crime[1], PEXA Key stands to save homebuyers and sellers millions of dollars in fraudulently misappropriated funds. “Security is paramount for our members and to us,” PEXA CEO Marcus Price said. “It would be remiss of us to […]

No Turning Back for In-House Legal

By Peter Frankl. In-house lawyers from the largest and most influential organisations wanted to be part of the Legal Operations revolution. The rhetoric was irresistible and the hype was contagious. Thousands of in-house lawyers from around the world have jumped on board. Lawyers have been coalescing around a young organisation called Corporate Legal Operations Consortium or CLOC. The CLOC vision is about creating the legal department of the future for the organisation of the future. It is not just hype. It is real and it is exciting. CLOC is an international organisation with the majority of its members based in […]

Why professional development can help your firm go in new directions

By InfoTrack As you delve deeper into your career, it can be hard to take time to attend conferences or training to further yourself and expand your business potential. So, if you don’t feel that you have time to develop yourself, why not do it for your firm? Here are three reasons why professional development can help your firm. It gives you new ideas to grow your firm Collaborating with colleagues and getting out of the office into a new environment, gives your mind the space to become more creative. When you bring inspiration and new ways of doing tasks […]

US$250 million for Clio to develop next generation legal tech company

Clio, the Canada-headquartered cloud practice management software company, has raised US$250 million in a Series D funding round from TCV and JMI Equity. The company has been successful in building cloud practice management software with integrations to other independent software products. It has been evolving as a platform. Clio is targeted to small law firms although its inroads into Australia have been limited compared to North America. US$250 million is a significant amount of money that is about to spent on technology related to small law firms. Unfortunately the company did not publish a detailed expenditure plan for these funds. In […]

Smokeball ‘Communicate’ – Secure File Sharing and Messaging

Smokeball has launched a new app called Communicate. Its aim is to securely connect lawyers and conveyancers with their clients. According to Smokeball, “email is now deemed insecure and many are worried about their emails being hacked. In response we have developed Communicate, a secure file sharing and messaging platform and mobile app.” If you are in Melbourne on 17 October 2019, Smokeball is holding a free Tech Masterclass between 12.00pm and 2.30pm. Topics include: What the increase in cyber crime means for legal and conveyancing businesses. How policy, procedures, people and technology measures can protect your firm from the threat of email […]