GlobalX introduces new efficiencies for practitioners with TrustOnline acquisition

Leading legal technology company GlobalX has announced its latest tool to assist the productivity of Australian legal and conveyancing practitioners, following the acquisition of trust accounting solution TrustOnline. Now available to GlobalX clients through award-winning conveyancing software Matter Centre and practice management system Open Practice, TrustOnline enables legal and conveyancing professionals to securely manage their trust account on any device at any time. GlobalX CEO Peter Maloney is excited to introduce TrustOnline into the company’s suite of productivity tools. “This acquisition is a win for GlobalX, but more importantly a win for our clients,” Mr Maloney said. “We identified our […]

What should we expect from our legal practice software now?

Law firms are asking their software providers: What is the best way for our staff to work together as a team on matters and documents in a remote environment? How do we manage accountability of staff when they are out of sight? How can we efficiently work with clients on their documents and keep them updated about their matters? What are best practices for internal office banter in a remote work environment? Should anyone be allowed to broadcast messages to the whole firm? How do you take advantage of software tools to promote your firm’s culture, to enable office socialising […]

Suddenly we are all experts on virtual meeting software

If you have been living under a rock like the rest of us (i.e. in home isolation) then you would be well aware by now of virtual meeting software Zoom and Teams. These two seem to be the most common in a professional business setting, although there are many other services being used as well. Zoom appears to be the software of choice for those with a previous history of putting on virtual meetings. Lurking in your Office 365 subscription is Microsoft Teams. This lesser known and newer software is being widely adopted in school and educational settings. This is […]

LawTap Announces $250,000 COVID-19 Stimulus Package for Small Law Firms

LawTap, which provides appointment booking and scheduling for law firms, is proud to announce a $250,000 COVID-19 stimulus package to support small law firms across Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Funding is available immediately. “In the past three weeks, LawTap booking data shows that the average small law firm has experienced a 43% increase in ‘socially distant’ appointment options – this means phone calls, Skype, Zoom, and where appropriate, appointments at the client’s location,” said LawTap CEO and co-founder Seamus Byrne. “We know local communities rely on small law firms to solve […]

Legal Tech goes from luxury to necessity overnight

By InfoTrack. As the nation moves to remote working to flatten COVID-19, the use of legal technology has gone from being a luxury to a necessity overnight. John Ahern, CEO of leading tech innovator, InfoTrack, said “The original purpose of legal-tech was to automate and create workflow efficiencies in practice. But now more than ever before, legal-tech is becoming a method of survival in today’s unprecedented crisis making the conversation around slow adoption of law firms obsolete, but also raising concerns as to whether firms are prepared.” With lawyers having to switch to servicing their clients remotely overnight, the number […]

Digital tools to ensure productivity in uncertain times

by GlobalX. In the midst of the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, self-isolation and working from home is gradually becoming the norm for organisations across many industries. With video-enabled online meeting platforms, VPN availability and instant messaging services that can be accessed from anywhere, it’s now easier than ever to carry out daily tasks as “business as usual” even when working remotely. While organisations may have their internal systems optimised for remote workforces, what about the solutions they use to ensure little-to-no disruption to their clients? For legal and conveyancing firms, when matters are often time-sensitive – especially with property transactions […]

Your team on a messaging platform – a one-year veteran’s greatest learnings

By Peter Frankl. I’m a one-year veteran of Slack messaging. The experience is not what I thought it would be. The app encourages more communication than in a physical office The people that you work with on a day to day basis are only one click away. A messaging app actually brings people closer to you than would be the case in a physical office. You are naturally hesitant to walk over and interrupt someone you can see is busy. On the other hand, with a messaging app, everyone assumes everyone else is busy but that doesn’t stop anyone from […]

Maybe this time – online property auctions – with a new app

Now may be the time that online property auctions actually become a reality. There have been many attempts to make it happen over the years but none have gained any significant traction. It is not only the demand from buyers that has changed, avoiding personal attendance at auctions, but it is also an understanding of why previous attempts have failed to make an impact. A small Irish startup called Offr, that launched late last year, may be the one to make online property auctions mainstream. Its point of difference is that it is putting the technology in the hands of […]

GlobalX Acts Immediately to Protect Employees and Slow the Rate of COVID-19

GlobalX today announced the immediate introduction of a series of measures designed to help protect its Australian and UK workforce against the risk of infections from COVID-19. GlobalX’s Chief Executive Officer Peter Maloney said that whilst he had taken a “hard” approach to the measures being implemented, including cutting all interstate and overseas work travel for employees effective immediately, he was not willing to compromise when it came to the health and wellbeing of the company’s employees. “Given that most workplaces have been thrown into uncharted territory with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, I have a responsibility to all GlobalX staff, […]

Singapore to invest $15 million in computational law

From Straits Times: Singapore is to undertake a first-of-its-kind research on creating a working programming language for the country’s laws and contracts. This language will be the foundation for specially trained computer programmers to create digital contracts and other legal documents. SMU has been given $15 million by the National Research Foundation to helm the five-year Research Programme in Computational Law. The research programme, to be carried out by the SMU School of Law, could result in Singapore becoming a pioneer in creating a working domain-specific language for law. The programme will come under the new Centre for Computational Law, […]