ClarkeKann Lawyers and Gray & Perkins will merge with effect on 1 November 2010.

Established in 1965 ClarkeKann is a leading commercial law firm based in Brisbane and Sydney, while Gray & Perkins has a 120 year pedigree as a commercial practice based in Sydney.

ClarkeKann is comprised of 70 people including 40 lawyers. Gray & Perkins has 23 people including 13 lawyers. Prior to coming up with the idea to merge, key partners in each firm already knew each other very well. It was not a case of either firm going to the market to seek out a merger partner. Merger discussions progressed over a 3 month period.

John Toigo, Managing Partner of ClarkeKann, said that his firm has always had a focus on quality rather than size and therefore had no immediate plans to expand nationwide. However, he also indicated that the firm will act on opportunities as they manifest themselves.

ClarkeKann currently uses Lexis Affinity practice management software while Gray & Perkins uses the legacy Locus system. John Toigo said that the plan is for the Gray & Perkins team to switch to Lexis Affinity.

The merged firm will be known as “ClarkeKann Lawyers” and will continue its focus on the corporate and SME market. The firm’s livery will include the names and logo of both firms in recognition of the brand presence of both firms in their major markets.