Lawyer Stewart Levitt, principal of Sydney firm Levitt Robinson, is poised to take a big chunk out of Slater & Gordon’s business representing victims in the Commonwealth Bank / Storm Financial dispute.

Slater & Gordon has put forward a dispute resolution scheme that it negotiated with the Commonwealth Bank for Storm Financial victims who had loans with the bank.
The dispute resolution scheme came to the attention of Stewart Levitt who strongly believes that Storm Financial victims can do a lot better than what is provided for in the scheme. 

Levitt Robinson is at the ready to launch class action litigation against the Commonwealth Bank. Storm Financial victims who have not yet committed to the Slater & Gordon scheme may choose instead to seek advice from and be represented by Levitt Robinson. 

How does a sole principal firm, made up of a small team of lawyers, win clients at the expense of a firm like Slater & Gordon which has over 750 staff across 36 locations and a reputation as the leader in the field? 

Here’s how Stewart Levitt and his team are doing it:

Mr Levitt believes that the Slater & Gordon resolution scheme is misconceived. In a speech to Storm Victims in March 2010, he said that the scheme “basically allows the culprit to determine the circumstances of his own trial”.

“You don’t allow the defendant in a case to choose their own jury, to choose their own prosecutor, to choose their own judges, to set down the rules of evidence …. and to predetermine the maximum sentence that can be imposed on them” said Mr Levitt.

The speech was filmed and can be viewed via this link.

The link goes directly to part 2 of the speech, from which the above excerpts were taken. The videos are also able to be viewed at the Levitt Robinson website