Slater & Gordon (S&G) has had an exciting and tumultuous past but it has now consolidated its activities into organically growing its core service areas of Personal Injury Law (88% of revenue), Class Actions (8% of revenue) and Industrial and Employment Law in Australia. 

In FY20 S&G “… delivered approx. $700 million in personal injury compensation to everyday Australians [and] announced $250 million in class action settlements on behalf of more than 55,000 Australians who were victims of corporate dishonesty and wrong-doing … “

Fee revenue in FY20 was $161 million which was up from $156 million in FY19. For the last two years the company has been effectively breaking even. Its major and growing expense is ‘Salaries and employee benefit expense’. Despite a “line-ball” P&L the company has reported an EBITDA of $28.1 million. 

FY20 was better than the previous year for cash generation. Receipts from customers was $234 million and payment to suppliers and employees was $209 million. The previous year it was $229 million from customers and $222 million to suppliers and employees.

The bright area for the firm has been in Class Actions which had an increase in fees of 43%. Personal Injury fees showed no material increase.