Rachel Williams, CEO of Zaliet

Rachel Williams, CEO of Zaliet, says that quality website content should be a core focus of a law firm’s marketing activity. Here she explains why:

Quality content improves the probability that prospective clients will find you online

High quality website content improves your ranking in search results for engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Google assesses keywords and the quality, relevance and authority of the content when ranking results.

People who come across your website during their searches are already looking for legal services like yours. You just have to be there, ready with useful content that convinces them they should work with you over anyone else.

However, stuffing content with keywords with the intention of manipulating search engines can have a damaging effect. Google along with other search engines continue to create smarter algorithms that can detect when a website is artificially loaded with key phrases. This content is categorised as ‘spam’ and websites are penalised for it.

Effective Search Engine Optimised (SEO) content is:
• High quality;
• Relevant;
• Keyword-rich (while still being natural prose); and
• Authoritative. As a legal professional, you’re the best person to answer commonly asked legal questions in your area of practice and establish yourself as an authority figure.

It helps you stand out from the crowd

When you think of a law firm’s website, the image you have in your mind is probably the same as most people: stock photography of gavels, court houses and business people, and generic descriptions of legal services provided.

If your website possesses some of the mentioned above, you risk being completely indistinguishable from other law firms. You will also drive prospective clients away who be unlikely to re-engage with you in the future. Instead, they will search for the competitor that stands out.

Unique, high quality website content is your opportunity to stand out.

Some things are traditional: professionalism is expected when it comes to the presentation of a law firm’s website. In other areas, you can strive for individuality.

Create authoritative content on topics you specialise in, which people will search for and benefit from.
Your website will no longer be just an online brochure or business card. It will be an authoritative source of answers and relevant news, all of which promotes your law firm and sets you apart.

It convinces prospective clients to hire you

Your website is the first port of call for your prospective clients. It’s your opportunity to tell them who you are, what you do and importantly, why they should choose you over a competitor. Instead of telling prospective clients that you are the best for the job, show them!

You might have a page for articles that answer frequently asked legal questions. You could post recent developments in your area of law on a News page. A glossary that defines commonly used legal terms is likely to be a popular and authoritative resource that will rank highly and reward your law firm many times over.

This all has the effect of demonstrating your expertise, knowledge, and experience – and this is far more convincing to a prospective client than merely being told that your firm is experienced and knowledgeable.

The optimal user experience for a visitor to your website is one that is useful, relevant and engaging.

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