Peter Butt, Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Sydney, is leading a 10 day tour of the UK which will visit the sites of a number of leading property law cases.

Organised by Legalwise Seminars, the tour includes visits to the famous Inns of Court; the site of the most famous easement case in the history of the common law and a castle that featured in a leading case involving life estates. This is just a sampling of the many destinations.

According to Legalwise Seminars, each day begins with a breakfast “seminar”, outlining the legal sites to be visited during the day, refreshing your knowledge of basic principles of property law. These seminars will show how the cases involving those sites have continuing relevance for the modern day practice of Australian property law.

This has to be one of the most innovative and non-boring ways to meet your CLE obligations and possibly also a very tax-effective way of doing a tour of the UK. The “UK Property Case Law Tour” is scheduled for September 2011 with only 35 places available.

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