Aurecon, an engineering consultancy firm, has produced an employment contract in the form of a comic. The company believes it to be Australia’s first visual employment contract. 

According to Aurecon:

Developed in partnership with Law Professor Camilla Andersen from the University of Western Australia, Aurecon’s employment contracts are legally binding contracts in which Aurecon and its employees are represented by characters – free of legal jargon and akin to a comic strip format.


Lawyers will define a contract as something that is legally binding, which can be taken to a tribunal or court and they will reinforce a certain right.

“We strongly believe that there is no reason why a contract like this can’t be equally enforceable simply because there are pictures and simple language instead of detailed legal terms – although, until we actually have such a contract enforced in a court somewhere we can’t know for sure,” said Professor Camilla Andersen.

A former Chief Justice of Australia, Robert French, recently stated that as long as the meaning of the pictures in contracts is clear, then of course they are binding.

Working with Professor Andersen, Aurecon will complete a detailed assessment of the impact of the new contact later this year.

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