Bytherules Conveyancing has been operating a work-from-home model for conveyancers in Queensland and New South Wales since 2011.

Already one of Australia’s leading conveyancing firms, franchising is the growth strategy to become Australia’s largest conveyancing services provider. Franchising is a way of  growing the team and importantly, sharing the rewards with those who do the hard work.

Negotiations with the Queensland Law Society have now resulted in the launch of the bytherules conveyancing franchise. 

After working with leading franchise consulting firm DC Strategy over the past year, bytherules is now taking applications for experienced conveyancers to own their own business, providing conveyancing services to clients in their area.

Bytherules gives the power to the paralegals and the liability to the lawyers. 

It has been a long journey but bytherules has achieved a balance between giving the paralegal autonomy over the workflow while keeping the legal issues firmly governed by the firm.

Franchisees are supported by an award-winning head office team which has a demonstrated track record of delivering over 45,000 settlements. Bytherules has a long-standing brand reputation that gives franchisees a marketing edge that will help grow a conveyancing business.

Chris Collinge, Managing Partner of bytherules says “This is a natural progression of our current work-from-home model. We have developed our own practice management system to facilitate the franchise network and allow the conveyancer to focus 100% on delivering excellent service to their clients. Franchisees still have all the benefits of a full law firm behind them, including access to lawyers and our trust accounting systems, under a well known brand.” 

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