Crowd & Co is adding artificial intelligence to its suite of innovative technology with the launch of A.I. contract reviews, an online solution that will read, review and understand contracts.

The tool uses A.I. to automate the standard contract review process, enabling lawyers to free themselves of repetitive administrative tasks and focus on the big picture such as client strategy. The web-based software acts as a legal researcher using natural language processing and pre-defined criteria to automatically review and approve contracts.

Jarred Hardman, Founder and CEO of Crowd & Co, says A.I. contract reviews will transform legal operations leaving more time for lawyers to improve and expand their practice without employing additional staff, “With independent access to artificial intelligence through the Crowd & Co marketplace, legal experts can improve work processes and do away with lower value work hours, generating better results for clients and ultimately boosting revenue.”

Users can access the new tool via a simple interface that includes a range of features such as interactive contract reports, pinpointing discrepancies helping legal teams get the job done faster, and a legal playbook that captures and maintains all legal knowledge in one place.

A.I. Contract Review is available now on the Crowd & Co marketplace.

Lawyers can register at


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