Nuance Communications has announced customisation and productivity enhancements for Dragon Professional Group and Dragon Legal Australian.  Both solutions provide powerful, enterprise-ready capabilities to easily deploy speech recognition across multiple users to improve documentation productivity within enterprises and law firms of any size. Dragon Professional Group and Dragon Legal Australian have been updated to include a next-generation speech engine leveraging Nuance’s Deep Learning technology to deliver high-recognition accuracy with the ability to learn and adapt to a variety of accents and environments, making both solutions ideal for large workgroups and a variety of settings.

Helping organisations create outstanding documentation

Dragon Professional Group, version 15, and Dragon Legal Group Australian, version 15, help organisations unlock the efficiency and cost benefits that are inherent in Nuance document productivity solutions. With advanced speech recognition and robust voice command capabilities, professionals can create detailed and accurate documentation – all in real-time by voice. And with optimisation for popular Microsoft Windows touchscreen PCs, mobile professionals and field workers can complete detailed documentation or reports, or fill out form-based templates, such as client intake forms, almost anywhere work takes them.

“Accurate and timely documentation is a critical component of many organisations across a wide range of industries – from financial institutions to social services, and law firms. But if not completed correctly and efficiently, poor documentation can hamper report quality, employee productivity, and increase cost and compliance risks,” said Mark Geremia, Vice President, General Manager of Dragon, Nuance Communications.  “Dragon Professional Group and Dragon Legal Group Australian effectively address these pain points by enabling professionals to use advanced speech recognition and robust voice command capabilities to create outstanding documentation – all by voice. Dragon empowers professionals to work better, faster and smarter – whether they’re in the office or out in the field, saving individuals and organisations time and costs, and improving overall productivity.”

Dragon Professional Group, version 15

Suitable for enterprises across a wide range of industries including social and financial services, Dragon Professional Group, version 15 enables employees to create high-quality documents, spreadsheets, and presentations or fill form-based reports – which often include drop-down menus and the need to point and click – faster and more accurately, all by voice. With its powerful voice command and transcription capabilities, Dragon Professional Group makes it easy to automate repetitive tasks and manual processes, improving turnaround times while eliminating the need for costly third-party transcription services.

Dragon Legal Group Australian, version 15 is designed specifically for the Australian legal industry with a specialised legal vocabulary developed using a corpus of Australian legal documents. Dragon Legal Group Australian enables the quick creation and formatting of case files, contracts, or briefs, and empowers solicitors and other legal professionals to streamline legal documentation turnaround times and reduce transcription costs, while freeing up support staff to concentrate on high-value, billable tasks.

According to the annual International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) technology survey – the largest of its kind in the legal industry and covers firms of all sizes and all practice areas – Dragon speech recognition technology was ranked number one in deployments among law firms and legal departments.  Additionally, Dragon Legal Group led in the category of best voice-to-text technology with 46 percent of firms reporting their use of the solution.

Scalable for any size of organisation, Dragon Professional Group and Dragon Legal Group Australian can be easily deployed and centrally managed by an organisation’s IT group or other department using the Nuance Management Center. By providing powerful, yet easy-to-use central user administration capabilities, Nuance allows organisations to enable and manage their Dragon Group solutions across multiple users and departments – meeting requirements for reporting accuracy, enabling the customisation of specialised vocabularies and processes, and centrally managing their Dragon Group product deployments for significant time and cost savings.

“By understanding the intricacies of managing users across a single organisation, we offer a complete enterprise-ready solution that meets an organisation’s specific documentation productivity requirements to improve the corporate bottom line,” said Geremia. “Combined, our Dragon Group solutions with Nuance Management Center ensure that organisations of all sizes are armed with a robust and efficient solution for meeting their specific scalability, customisation and management needs.”

Dragon Legal Individual Australian, version 15

In addition to enhancing Dragon Legal Group Australian, Nuance is releasing a Dragon Legal Individual Australian solution. “Dragon Legal Individual Australian will allow sole practitioners and smaller firms that don’t need the enterprise features of Dragon Legal Group Australian to realise the productivity boost from the local legal vocabulary,” said Derek Austin, Nuance’s Dragon Business Manager, Asia Pacific.


Dragon Professional Group, version 15 and Dragon Legal Group Australian, version 15, as well as   upgrades are available through Nuance’s Dragon reseller partners.

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