BigHand technology is helping Stacks Goudkamp overcome productivity barriers

The team of lawyers, including a large number of Law Society Accredited Specialists in Compensation Law, providing over 40 years of experience assisting people with a variety of claims, have selected BigHand to support them in providing an un-complicated legal process alongside exceptional client support.

Situated in the heart of the Sydney CBD, with offices in Newcastle and Liverpool, Tom Goudkamp and his team completed an  advanced pilot of the BigHand Voice solution utilising BigHand Hub, the latest generation of client interface. The pilot also included BigHand Go across mobile devices in the firm and BigHand Speech Recognition to generate voice to text enabling the removal of manual transcription within the firm and allowing the support teams to focus on pressing matters.

With one of the most well-known voices in Sydney, it was great to have Tom Goudkamp as part of the pilot of BigHand for the firm. Tom commented, “As a firm, our old system didn’t allow us to centralise work, be mobile and utilise speech recognition to increase the output of documents whilst removing the pain of typing. I was able to work from Europe, my office and in all of our offices using BigHand Go, generating large amount of documents quickly and efficiently without the restriction of needing to be back at my desk.”

“Our team worked closely with the BigHand team to ensure our processes were understood and they did a great job of ensuring our technical install, training and support was 1st rate!”, furthers Tom.

“Stacks Goudkamp are one of a number of leading compensation firms who are now utilising BigHand Speech Recognition to decrease the time taken for document turnaround, ensuring clients receive the advice in a timely manner, allowing the support teams to focus on key tasks that will enable the success of the claims.”, commented Anthony Bleasdale, Managing Director of BigHand.

“The firm recognised that by sharing their pains and processes, the BigHand client services team were able to quickly understand what needed to be resolved and to have an impact straight away on improving processes. We’re really looking forward to hearing how the BigHand technology will continue to make a BIG difference at Stacks Goudkamp”, concludes Anthony.